You are Lucky to have your Heart Broken

"I never met a strong person with an easy past." -Unknown
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When I saw this photo (at the bottom) while scrolling down my Facebook News Feed, I wondered, "hey, is that even true?" Reminiscing at my past "love" stories, I concluded that, yes to me, it's true... but with proper terms and conditions applied!
Dude, its not overits just the beginning!
That shipped has sailed, and like what I always do right after some fresh heartbreak: CELEBRATE!
Step 1: Cry. Not because you failed to make your relationship work, but because its not really easy to be open with someone about yourself, to trust someone about your plans and insights, to let someone exclusively in your life, and to also see how beautiful you are. Although what you both shared is real, its temporary.
Step 2: Get a new haircut! Yeah Rock that hair
Step 3: Shape up. If youre already shaping up like I do, then shape more often. Get fit!
Step 4: Celebrate! And I dont mean imbibe the entire bottle of alcohol, but celebrate because FREEDOM IS YOURS!
Step 5: Bikini pic right now with Im such a prize caption.
Step 6: Dont be afraid to love again. Reflect from your mistakes in the past and try to imitate your best version of yourself. Also, after having my heart broken, I become choosy over the next person. Say, I filter people whos worthy of breaking my heart next? and Why being single rocks? and Is s/he worthy of being in an exclusive relationship with me?

TO ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE THEIR HEART BROKEN, Let me tell you this simple phrase, you are so lucky! Having your heart broken is a beautiful phase in life wherein you dictate to yourself your worth and remind casually that you deserve a happily ever after.

Having your heart broken is a privilege. A lot of people are too preoccupied to satisfy their physiological, security, and esteem needs rather than letting oneself experience this beautiful thing. These people, sometimes, would rather have a life of meeting their goals than to afford heartbreak. Perhaps, they might be afraid that once they love someone it is either impossible to be reciprocated or they are afraid to commit. I know that you arent one of these because you are reading my blog. Also, I know you are looking for clues on how come my opinion is averse mediocre.

Not wanting to love again is a difficult situation. Why? Because, you deserve love. With every kind of experience, there is a risk, and in this case, heartbreak is more than just getting hurt. Setting yourself on a refusal to emotional commitment and denial in "actualization needs" just because of a failed relationship. Its exhausting to see someone who refuse to love again simply because of a past relationship. Friend, what do you call it when someone needs major a prize for winning over something but rejects the trophy because they think they arent worth it? Yeah, an idiot and a coward. You do not belong to that radar. After attempting to love someone and not giving up for that person? You deserve the Bravest Person Award!

You know whats beautiful about heartbreak? Its giving your heart to someone knowing that they could trample your heart in any way possible. Still, you love and care about somebody in addition to loving yourself. Train your mindset to invest on important things instead. Always ask yourself, would I date myself? YES YOU WOULD! Thats how you attract the most important people in your life.

People who have their heart broken would tend to rely on the negative effectsay, pain. The thing with pain is, it demands to be felt. So no matter how difficult your situation is, stay put. Always remember that you are lucky! I, for one, would rather give my heart to someone than wonder what love ever feels like. Want to know what people who never had their hearts broken have to say? Click this link: WHAT'S IT LIKE TO NEVER HAVE A HEART BREAK'.

TO THE PERSON WHO LEFT YOU SINGLEThank you! Because of you, you made my dear friend. Look at the piece you missed. Shes a model slash writer slash college grad slash enterprise owner slash having a million guys chase her. Nope, you did not contribute to her success; you are just a part of the past. She deserves her success, she is worth it; she gave you a chance while you blew it off. How does it make you now?

IF HEART BREAK HAD A HEART? It would look just as beautiful as you are, love.

TO THE NEXT ONE YOULL LOVEYou only have one chance! Dont skrew it for everyone. Are you ready to meet the bravest person?


Be in a relationship when you're ready to commit. My first heart break was painful. I was sixteen and he's not even my boyfriend. He said, "someday I'll thank him for making that decision for us." At first I claimed he is selfish! Now, I realize that he's right, I can stand on my own feet without him, I could reach my dreams even without his approval or appraisal. After that incident, I dated (not loved) fourteen more guys, and before you comment that she's like T-swift because I have a long list of ex-lovers... I'd like to reach to you that as I was looking for some special traits in these few men I got to know in my life, I also saw something special in me. Say, there's this guy who's handsome...I'd say oohh a handsome man can "like" me. And there's another sweet guy after and I'd reply oooh I can attract sweet guys too. That was the insecure side of me when at the beginning I must have been telling to myself that "I can attract any man I love as long as I believe that I deserve love. I just have to choose the right man who's worthy of my love and honor." With this, I can attract all qualities of these men and perhaps, the right guy has it all and more than what I assume. All I have to do right now is to love and become the best version of myself even at the lowest point in my life.

Be brave to love.

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