To The Last Man Who Broke My Heart

You broke my heart because you were a good catch, but I know that you aren't mine; and the choice I am left with it to set you free

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To The Last Man Who Broke My Heart

I know one thing for sure—that there will be someone else who will come after me the way I wanted you to hold me and cherish me.

Deep within me, I am hoping that you are the last to break my heart. I’m sorry for writing you this letter. You don’t deserve a letter of shame just because you cannot reciprocate the same things to me. After all you were the kindest and sweetest man I’ve ever met. The only thing that breaks my heart more is that you are not my catch.

In all honesty, I think that you’re a great man and we’re perfect for each other. Have you noticed the way we laugh, agree, and adore the same things? We also disagree on other interesting topics yet we accept each other’s opinion. We had so many wonderful moments together that it came to the point when I realized that I am in love with you—with your soul. Everything is just impeccable—the way we met, our random glares, the moment we first smiled at each other, how we grew closer each day, and I think there can be more amazing moments we both can build. Not just amazing moments, but also obstacles we can overcome together. We make a great team—you’re a leader and I am your follower. I’m princess and you are my knight in shining armor.

You broke my heart and you are not even aware of what’s happening. You didn’t break it immediately—it happened gradually, slowly, and then crashing at once. If you knew I am in love with you nothing will change. It’s still her—your choice, your queen, your every thing, and your love. I might be a bit jealous that I’m not her, but I am contented that I know she’ll take good care of your heart. She loves you and you know that. I love you, and you don’t know that. Nothing will change even if you met me first before you met her. You will still love her and choose to be with her. I saw that. When I asked you to do a tiny favor for me, you forgot. You traveled approximately five miles away from your work just to accompany the girl you love. It’s okay, I understand that you were preoccupied with the idea that you can’t wait to see her because you miss her. Next, I asked you to see me after class because I’ve been meaning to talk to you. You didn’t come. I also asked you to visit me at a floor somewhere at the library, but you never came. I’m not mad, just disappointed. Sure, you don’t love me, but as a friend, when you know I badly need you but you pursued self-interest, wow—I’ve had enough already.

Is it bad if sometimes I still hope that you’ll wake up one day and miss me? Is it wrong for me to think that I am your biggest loss even if a relationship was never formed? I guess, it’s selfish of me to think that I’m worth something grand that you can’t even afford to have, so you lost such precious thing before even holding it. One thing, I know for sure, I’m not desperate for your love… and I am not waiting for the day lightning will strike you and make you realize that you might, perhaps, think that we’re more than friends. We can’t be that already because your choice was clear—her. My decision is final—me.
 I can’t compromise or settle for a love that I know isn’t meant for me to have. I can’t settle to just waiting for the right day that you might reciprocate everything. No. I’m happy that you respect me; and that you love to hear my stories. I don’t feel bad that I can’t tell you love stories about us because there’s no us. I don’t crave for a temporary wish to suddenly happen out of sheer dumb luck.

If you’re reading this… Yes you are my love or the one I refer to you as “my one and only crush.” I fell in love with your soul but more importantly I found myself in love with my bravery once again. I love you and I guess starting today, only as a friend. You missed your chance, good bye!



Photos by Out of the Woods-Taylor Swift

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