The Kiss

The gap between their lips exposed how beautiful and extremely powerful this sculpture is.
One of the best topic anyone could remember talking about is their first kiss. What is so special about it? Perhaps it is the butterflies, the answer to a curiosity, the mixed emotion, or the long wait is over. However, no one really remembers their last kiss. Let's embark on a topic that I'd like to share to everyone. One of the most sought after last kisses is this sculpture created by Auguste Rodin from 1888 to 1898, yup a decade! This piece of art will make anyone fall in love with curves and spaces.

The Kiss is a sizzling art, one must look out for in their lifetime. Its notable appearance to the public made an eye out for aspiring sculptors at that time and young lovers who'd try to grasp and connect with the marbles. What love looks like is not what it seems especially for this divine creation. You might think that this art is a simple kiss created by an extraordinaire, but no. At an angle, you'll see the power that lies within human lust and sexuality. It is observed that when you get a glimpse or take a closer look, these two lovers are not kissing. That is how this sculpture made it through thick and thin from three centuries now.
Rooted from the popular trilogy, The Divine Comedy, inspired Rodin to sculpt a timepiece of two humans in love or in lust; famous characters or lovers, Paolo and Francesca, borrowed from book one Dante's Inferno. A little back drop from one of my favorite classics. In an arranged marriage, Francesca is in line for a fixed marriage with Giovanni, however the latter cannot make it to their wedding, so he asked his friend, Paolo to proxy instead. Francesca felt love at first sight with Paolo and thought that he is wedded to the former. Reluctant indeed, when Francesca discovered that Paolo is not Giovanni. Yet this did not stop them; they sneaked out to promote their hidden adulterated affair. When Giovanni discovered this, he urged himself to go to the couple's hideout and murdered his wife and Paolo. This was their last (almost) kiss before leading to their deaths and eternal punishment at Circle 2 in hell. Giovanni, is forgiven from killing his wife as a price for adultery, but is punished to hell at the circle of murderers from killing Paolo.

Now, let's proceed with how we could interpret The Kiss
Level one: Wow that kiss is hot! 

Level two: They must have anticipated this one as their most awaited one. Knowing that they can die at any second, they did what they could to touch each other for the last time and remember that love is what they last felt in their lifetime and it is also love that will condemn them after life.

Level three: Nothing is more powerful than a love that fights until the end. With this note, love is a legacy. You will be remembered even after your death if love is present at your life. If a relationship is not blessed (through marriage), even if what you are fighting for feels right, then both are deemed to suffer and fight for their choices. 

Level four: The space in between their lips and their body positioning or posture says a lot of how much they were willing to give in their relationship. The man, sitting in an upright position is firm about himself but at the same time supports the woman. The woman slanted towards the man, adjusts all that she has so that she could be at reach for her man.  The space in between them creates a powerful tension, coming from their forbidden love story, because no matter how much they stick with each other skin-to-skin, hormone-to-hormone, reality will keep them apart.

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