Zodiac Mismatch

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My sex appeal is most likely comparable with that of a Math textbook. This is what my dominant trait is telling me. OKAY FINE. Truth is, I used to be a firm believer of the zodiac since I have been reading a lot of stars. Sometimes referring to the latest horoscope would make me feel better because I feel less than stellar. That was then.

Now, I believe in timing. Not via chemistry, not via lining of the stars, not via what the generation today responds to believe in.

Love is a choice; it is not designed. One thing I learned from the zodiac is that it will somehow expose you your most dominant traits, but it will never defy one as a person nor will it guide you to your perfect match. All my life as a Taurean, I've been judged that I am stubborn when in fact I believe that I have been thoroughly being fooled, deceived or even manipulated with in the past. If I were stubborn like the Chinese claimed me to be, then I might have made other mistakes in the past.

Out of the fourteen I dated--one Taurus, two Geminis, one Cancer, two Leos, one Virgo, one Libra, one Scorpio, one Capricorn, one Aquarius, and three Pisces, only one made an impression and believe me we're not even compatible according to the zodiac.

Few words before I end this post...
Finding Mr. Right is not always about how compatible and mutual you are nor does it assumes that opposites will also attract. What makes love work more than intense chemistry, is if it chooses to accept the other without trying to change them and by also trying to continuously find something to care and appreciate about that person.

The Zodiac signs might tell or predict what my traits and tendencies are but it will not defy me as a person nor will it lead me to the right person for me.
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