Phone Call

It's been a while since my last fictional "short story." Here's to all the singles on Valentine's Day who sacrificed their love for someone else's happiness.

At around two in the afternoon, two girls were conversing about a boy, a girl, and a choice
"He wouldn't choose me." This time, she wished she could be wrong. Amber scratched her head with her left index finger as she waited for her cousin's reply.

"He will. Think about it, you're gorgeous, hot, and young. All guys would nail you, for all he cares. Between you and I, I bet he'll choose you over her." Rose coughed after her immediate response. Rose is about a year older than Amber but they attend the same university. She twirls the telephone wire while thinking of a good answer.

"Rose, it's not always about the beauty. Sometimes, it's all in the personality. Perhaps she has it. Ruby Gold has it." Amber immediately replied, hoping that shes wrong about what shes saying but, the odds are against her favor because she is right.

"So you're saying, you don't have personality? Oh come on, over the years we've bonded I think you are the kindest and sweetest human being on Earth. You're quirky and talented. Just tell him the truth. Or ask him if he has feelings for you. You wont gain anything by contemplating on your situation." Rose felt that Amber wiped her tears from the other line; braving out every word shes about to announce.

"Rose, we're cousins... Of course we are required to bond during reunions. And What for? We all know who he will choose after all. For Christ's sake, Rose, I am not Ruby. I'm Amber. We're both shiny stones with different outstanding personality but I guess she's he's diamond. All I am saying is I love Luis so much... That I am setting him free. I don't deserve this. When I asked God for a man, he gave me him but I did not expect an addition. Luis is a great man all that I could ask for in a man. But thats also what Ruby asks for in a man. Perhaps she is what he is asking for a lady. I think that every night, they ask for the Lord that someday they could end up with each other. This is stupid! Im not supposed to pray for him because its useless"
Amber sighs.
Rose sighs too. She said,

"Letting go? What are you talking about? You deserve the truth. And why are you degrading yourself by her? She is Ruby, and you are Amber. You have different worth. And since when did she become a diamond, she cannot even slice a tomato? Shes as meek as a lamb. Diamonds are honed in pressure and have strong personalities like you do. Diamonds are rare to find. Like you are. My point is, it's your decision. Do it now or never. Im not forcing you to make him change his mind."

In silence, Amber shook her head and noticed how much she is going to miss him.
"Okay, I made my decision. Thanks Rose." Amber smiled but she knows shes unhappy.

They hang up. By that time she looks at her watch and reads 2: 59, she knows the answer. It's over! She bursted into tears when she realized that shes lost something she never become a part of, something she could never have, something that albeit so near but so distant; a one-sided mirror she wished were two. Most of all, Amber wanted to forget all of him. Of course, she wished she were wrong again.

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