One in a Billion Smile

As I walk closer to you, I see your face clearly now. The rain has stopped, though it's a bit foggy, your smile shines through me the most. Your hair is a black raven, a contrast to your pale white skin. I always loved your short hair back when you loved everything about me. I walked closer and your eyes met mine, but you shy away. How I wish I could have another glimpse from you.

Looking back, I regret how I took for granted the friend I had in you. Somehow, it's difficult to convince you that what you have now is real. Don't ever blame yourself for doubting what you feel. Still, a second chance from you changed me so much. This is why I am so happy. This is also why I'm completely upset.

When I came through my senses that I also love you, instantly I thought phew, the search is over. Love is right before my eyes. Miles struck, no luck, it's too late.

Still you are here, very happy, smiling at a corner. Your body language pointed at a boy you love. There is rainbow after the rain, and you are my rainbow. But you are also his sunshine and his reason. As I see you held hands with a guy, probably and hopefully better than me, I'll say at last your love has been returned. Hopefully he'll be your knight in shining armor, the man you thought and hoped I was. I expect that he'd be the guy reaching to you through thick and thin. I pray that he'd take care of you because I took you for granted.

I'm glad you loved me. I'm honored to love you now. Sorry for loving you at the wrong time.

Your smile is my delight. I'm glad you're happy.
-Love J.
I'll always come back to rescue you, M. 
I love you. It's wrong to ask you to love me again
At least I know now that indeed, your happiness and smile is genuine.
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