Once Upon a Glance


One out of seven days do I plan to be spontaneous—and I picked the right day to be funky out of the sun with my friend, Danica.

It was not like a typical day—waking up at a long sleep (eleven a.m., almost lunch time) when I received a text from Danica if I want to collaborate again. I said sure, why not. Working with Danica makes me at ease—
she knows angles, lighting, and proper communication in photography. I trust her that she’ll take good pictures—but wait, she makes great photographs! When attending to her shoot at our usual location, I get frequent glances or stares from people. Some are even watching me pose from time to time.  A few asked to have my photograph taken with them and it feels really exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time! Maybe it's what you do when you cast a spell over people
and no one's aware you're already doing it!

If there is one facial product I could use every day—it’s moisturizer (fine, baby pink lips also counts). This is what I look without anything on my face. Seems like less is more when it comes to the latest trend; Go nude, go bare—and by that I mean, the face! Less makeup the more natural I look. Also, high fashioned shoots establish avant garde looks that makes anything stylish.

I adore colors and mixing one contrasting color with neutrals. Blue is my go-to since it blends well with my semi-tanned, semi-pale skin. With this outfit that I bought on a store, I think about romantic things. Like my puffy skirt is a bonus “princess” feels. 

Even after the shoot, I made long strolls around (yes with these heels!) and even run at the pathway. It feels glamorous, simple, sophisticated, girly, and a bit wild. All I’m saying is this outfit is me (other than my usual basics, of course.)

Can I get a second glance?

Photographed by Danica Delos Santos

Want to collaborate with Danica? Visit her blog at Beauty in Bliss

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