Dating Mistakes Girls Do (When They Are In Love)

When it comes to love, there is a popular adage saying into the key to foreverjust be yourself! While everyone gives me this advice, I asked others, Hey, if Im being myself all the time, then why do I keep having my heart broken. Lo and behold some women asking the same question. We must have done something terribly to make a significant guy ghost out.
To be honest, I never really had a legit boyfriend in my life because I want that guy to be right for me but I dated guys and had my heart broken several times (and thats totally okay). Instead of feeling bad about it and comment Im so ugly that I received no flowers on Valentines day and then feel miserable because of being single for years I ask myself daily Do I want to date myself? Heck yeah! Since then, things have changed for the better.
So, I researched and learned so many of my mistakes from A New Mode (a dating website) and The Rules book. Without further ado, let me introduce to you five women we all used to be.

    1. Miss Manage (Mismanage)
                 Case 1: Forgetting their usual routine. I was guilty of making so much time for a guy that I forgot my busy school and workload schedule. I forgot my priorities and plans. That was n years ago. Not making so much time for (your) dates makes you more mysterious. Be as interesting as possible by keeping in touch with your passion in life. 

    2. Miss Leading (Misleading)
Case 2: Dumbing up for a guy. I pretended to be an idiot so a guy would like me. Guilty as charged. Unfortunately, we assume that men need to feel superior, so we obligingly downplay our own abilities. Later did I know that men love to be challenged. Lasting hotness comes from withinso embrace your own brand of intellectual beauty.

    3. Miss Communication (Miscommunication)
            Case 3: Revealing too much in social media or shying up in person. Avoid this bad combination as much as possible. The less you reveal in social media, the more people wonder. That is the key to making you so much interesting. Also, the less way people will have a door to criticize over you. Its great to post only important insights you have and relevant events in your life. Otherwise cherish your memories with your social circles in real life. In person, be someone whos got a good vibe. Be outgoing! Having a good vibe draws people more on your side because it makes them feel enthusiastic in life.

    4. Miss Taking (Mistaking)
Case 4: Doing everything to salvage their relationship. The difference between a man who likes you and a man who values you is respect. A man who loves you will look and appreciate your beauty and existence. A man who values you knows your worth and they think that it will be remarkable if they could have someone like you in life, say by constantly winning you over? After some decent amount of reflections, I realized that I DONT HAVE TO CHANGE ANYTHING FOR A GUY I dont have to adjust. I just have to know the proper mindset and discipline in dating. So follow my advice, discipline your minda guy who loves you enough will make necessary plans to keep you up. You deserve a guy who values you more than a guy who likes you.

    5. Miss Adventure (Misadventure)
Case 5: The Social Media Junkie. Have you ever felt bad by your crush when he rarely replies at you? Well you dont have to feel bad with proper mindset. First off, think of your friendsdo you expect texts, emails, voicemails, calls or even invites from them 24/7? Now apply that to everyone. Click off line every now and then and focus on enhancing your talents and preparing for hobbies. If youre always online, why not research on how to mix and match basics, or how to prepare for an earthquake.
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The list goes on. Bottom line: no matter how difficult it is, remember that dating is discipline. The right person will come at the right moment. Ill end this post with a story by Mindy Hale about a Tutu:

I held a yard sale, and it really opened my eyes to the parallels between undervaluing your belongings and undervaluing yourself.
One of the items I was selling was brand-new tutu that I wore only once as part of a Halloween costume. I bought the tutu for around thirty dollars, and it was in mint condition. Im extremely familiar with yard sale on pricing, so I put a price tag of one dollar on the tutu, thinking it was more than reasonable for a practically new item. Well one of the customers picked it up, looked over it, and asked if I would take fifty cents for it because it had a rip in the lining. (There was no such rip in the lining by the way.) I promptly told her no, I would not take fifty cents for an essential brand-new item that I purchased for around thirty dollars. She threw the tutu down and huffed off, and my dad turned to me and asked, Why didnt you just sell if to her?
Well to me the reason was obvious. The item was worth so much more than what she was willing to give. Frankly, I would rather have kept the tutu myself, even if I never wore it again. And sure enough, a couple of hours later, another lady handed over the one dollar I was asking for the tutu without batting an eye.
So the question here is: If you surrender your self-worth to someone who doesnt see your true value, what happens when someone comes along who wants to give you what youre worth instead of what youll settle for?
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