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February is the month for the heart (WELL that's what media imposes). For the majority, it's just a month with 28 (or 29) days. What makes it special? You!

This month we'll be focusing about The Obvious Topic Every "The Second Month of The Year", Love— or anything in between love. Again, Love—love....LOVE. Now I have to tell you that this article is quite long so try to bear with me until the end of the post.

First of, is this grand article about the greatest source of love which is from within one’s self? Because in all honestly, love is all around us, and so, we must ask ourselves: Why do we love? How do we love? Who do we love? We can only answer these questions one at a time as we quest after life’s great adventure. I’ll try my best to answer my first question which I will be basing on my own personal experience. After which I will proceed to discuss the reason behind and enjoyment in being single. Feel free to share your ideas and insights by commenting below.

WHY DO WE LOVE? We love because we care; if not for ourselves, then most probably we care about someone whom we feel deeply connected and attracted to. For most people, they love because they believe it is the answer to their happiness. Others love because they still hope for a miracle. The miracle they are after may vary from person to person—perhaps the biggest hope we can have is to wish that someone could reciprocate the love we give to them. Another is to find somebody to cherish and treasure life with. While most people believe that they hope because they deserve to love. Loving can be fun but most of the time, it is the opposite.

WHY DOES LOVE HURT? Love hurts when we expect to have our deepest desires immediately gratified, especially when we feel the need to receive love instantly. Love has its own timing. Of course, as much as we deserve only one great love in our life, waiting comes with patience (faith and trust)—the price we have to pay. Hurting is a result of bottled up frustration; from not getting what we want, from not having the person we mostly would want to wake up next to every day, from denying your instinct that wrong relationships will not work out and still we insist. Hurting is an individual experience but it almost always scars. This is the biggest challenge of being single but it doesn’t have to be this way.

BE SINGLE because there’s nothing wrong with waiting for the right person that would adore and cherish you. You deserve to be adored and cherished. If your reasons to be in a relationship are peer pressure, envy, *so s/he will keep you, for fame or popularity, for fun (sex), for money, and others then let me be the one to yell these words for you—YOU DON’T DESERVE LOVE! Let that ring in your ear. You are hurting yourself… be better than that! In the end you will realize that you were the fool all along. Forget about #RelationshipGoals if in the end, you foresee the end. Love can wait which I’ll expound later.

BE SINGLE if you want to be 10x hotter each day. Would you rather date the single Scarlett Johansson, or the in-a-relationship Scarlett Johansson. If you answered the latter, oh how creepy of you—probably plotting the next attempt to split the lovely couples up? Moving to the point, of course she’s still herself all along. However, being in a relationship restricts majority of the couple involved to meet new people. It’s great to feel that you don’t have to ask your partner “hey I’ll be gone for a month by joining a camp. Meet Craig, our camp master. Don’t be jealous, hon.” UHHH. Next.

BE SINGLE even if it hurts. This is only temporary. Good news—pain will be temporary and so will be your (relationship) status.

BE SINGLE because you still have your entire life ahead of you. Instead of prioritizing #RelationshipGoals, why not tick off the things on your bucket list and replace #RelationshipGoals with #TravelGoals, #WorkGoals, #SquadGoals, or if you are still at school like me, #OrgGoals, #FitnessGoals, #AcademicGoals, #GraduationGoals and did I mention #FirstPayCheckGoals, #TheBigBreak and #TalentGoals? The list goes on. Let romantic love come later than sooner.

BE SINGLE because someone needs you right now. Your family won’t always be there with you. Hold it, I did not say “for you.” Be with them as much as you can. The mere thought of it makes me tear up every time simply because family is irreplaceable. I only have one mom, one dad, one brother, one special child sister, and one twin sister. Their physical presence will be temporary. And I know I have to make the most out of it.

BE SINGLE because love can wait. Do I need to cite 1 Corinthians 13:4-8? 
by Bible Getaway Page

The very first thing it said, “love is patient.” Don’t hurry, don’t worry, be happy.

BE SINGLE so that you can love yourself every day contrary to how your previous partners loved you, when they let you go and let their chance slip. FILL IN each day with contentment. You don’t have to be in a relationship to prove to anyone that you can be happy and complete. Fulfill your days with your passion, commitment and drive to be the best version of yourself. Love yourself because you are loveable. Love yourself because you respect and honor yourself.

BE SINGLE because you deserve your independence. AHHHH, smell that? It’s freedom! The remote is yours; the last slice of pizza is yours; the entire room is yours; and there are a lot of things that can be yours but there is only one person who belongs to you! Notice how free you are to talk to anyone you want. Don’t be afraid to be labeled loner or to be alone every once in a while. Be proud of it! Heck, I’d date myself every single day if I can. Confidence does not require interpersonal relationship!

BE SINGLE so you could do crazy things! Plus points if you humiliate yourself in front of anyone. Mistakes happen. You’ll laugh at it soon enough. Sometimes, romantic relationships end because one or both of them committed a mistake. Unlike when you’re single, a mistake becomes a part of the past that your true love will surely understand and accept. Mistakes will continue happening soon after a relationship has been formed, but at least you made really big ones when you were single (when s/he has nothing else to do about it.)

BE SINGLE because another single is praying for you. I guess this is the most romantic gift a person could give me (other than time)—prayer. Imagine that you pray for a unicorn, and so, he prays for a unicorn, and one day God would grant your wishes and you both got to see a unicorn! You two are the only ones who can appreciate that moment because that is what you both asked for (which no one else could understand). Now ask me why a unicorn? OF ALL SPIRIT ANIMALS, REALLY? A unicorn. Well, clearly it is a metaphor—meaning “a unicorn” is something you never knew existed. It’s considered a miracle when you possess what you’ve always been dreaming about.

BE SINGLE because you need to be ready. That day will come when the moment is right and everything you have hoped for is already welcoming you to their life. It’s a genuine feeling, I can tell. This is a day when you will realize that all the pain, heartache, obstacles, failure, and waiting is worth it. You need to be ready for this moment because a Happily Ever After comes only once. Don’t type “edited.”

BE SINGLE even if you feel/think/are sure that s/he’s the one. You know what my twin sister told me when I asked her why she still waits even if she’s with her true love (we both are sure)? “Because we are the type of person who holds on to a relationship, is loyal, and will do everything to make the relationship work/keep the spark going. Being single is only temporary. Being in a relationship is #FOREVER.

BE SINGLE now because you’ll miss being single. No more further explanations.

Being single does not necessarily mean that you are immune to heartache and pain. In reality, the mere fact that you are waiting and believing in true love is actually painful. When people laugh at or refute the idea of true love, the challenge is either to trust your instincts or to give up like what everyone else did. Being single is not about bragging that you have waited the longest. Being single does not also give anyone the right to be a fool—if you keep on doing the same mistakes you did in your past and refuse to learn and accept that you were wrong then tell me why do you deserve to meet the right person at the right moment? Being single does not mean that you have to be like everybody else. By that, I mean, you have a choice—to believe and to still work for what you desire or to give up and move on. Being single does not mean you have fewer or less responsibilities as compared to those couples in a relationship. This does not give any single person the excuse to be misguided or to feel less required to meet their duties and roles in life; thus, it does not give them more permission to do reckless behavior. Either way, a relationship status should not change one’s real self. Being in a relationship is being yourself while enriching one’s love with someone else.

WHY SHOULD WE LOVE? This is a question I always ask myself every time I get my heart broken. On the 31th of January in the year 2016, I found my answer: In or with love you always win. Even if you get hurt, you win. Because when you love somebody, your heart grows stronger even when you know that it’s nearly impossible or when you don’t have the chance to be loved by that person in return. You win simply because you love.

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