Anything Goes 2 (February 2016)

This year's February is special because it has 29 days! What most people's opinion regarding this month is that it's for love's sake. Well, as much as I believe that everyday is about loving, there's nothing more important about a month than to tell or show someone how you love them. Admittedly, I'll tell you that I love you for sticking with me and being very loyal with reading my weekly posts and even to the spontaneous blog posts. I'd also like to share that I've been a Valentine Model (without a date) by this agency. It took a whole new perspective to me that first, Cat walking is not an easy task, and second you don't need to wait until Valentine's Day to make your date special. Heck, you have 366 days to share your love with your personal favorite people. :) I choose this month to also share some of the private things I've learned about love and my most dedicated stories for my good readers.  

Anything Goes' is a new feature to my blog where I summarize the monthly happenings and whereabouts.  This is posted at every 2nd to the last day of the month

This month's a wrap! I enjoyed dedicating this month to everyone who's ever experienced love.
Here are my memorable articles and personal encounters: Be Single, You are Lucky to Have your Heart Broken, To The Last Man Who Broke My HeartDating Mistakes Girls do When they are in Love, So Much Hate, and My Love Letter to Teens. My first Daily Prompt was The Day I Became a Bitch which is actually about self esteem and self love by "Being In Control of Herself". I also wrote poems and short stories About a Boy, About a Girl, Phone Call, and One in a Billion Smile. Of course, I added my personal Love Song Playlist and my memorable Look book collaboration with Danica, Once Upon a Glance. Rarely do I share my opinion about sculpture, here is my discussion about The Kiss: or the most memorable last.

LOVE IS NOT FREE: It has a price. You cannot experience True Love without knowing that you deserve it. By that, love entails you to invest your time, trust, and energy to make your relationship fruitful. The risk of love, however is, unrequited, unreciprocated, forbidden, or even heart break. Love expects you to be imperfect, flawed, and scarred because love can heal such things that reason cannot understand. If one is ready to love, one must also be aware of the price it takes in order to get there. Love is also sacrifice.

After voicing out all my insights and activities, I realized that whether love is reciprocated or not, love is still love, and by loving (even if it hurts), you win! Loving is being brave to care for someone other than yourself. While others are too preoccupied to satisfy their physiological needs, here you are reading my blogs to get a grip about why love is powerful.

With all this venting, I hope you also enjoyed this remarkable month.

Join me this March as we talk about power! Find out soon what I meant by that.

Michelle Tan
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