About a Girl

Like ocean,
I watched her write on her notebook
While we were solving for Math equations..
Like ocean,
My waves cannot control my
Over how she quickly solved every problem.
Like ocean,
Would she return to the sand as

she solves my biggest problem?
Or will she
Like the ocean,
Toss the issue--a huge wave
and crash me to the bottom of Mariana's Trench?
Until I feel lost,
completely landed to a 
desserted Island.

I wonder what she'd look like
when she removes her hair tied
like cinnamon bun.
I'd strictly watch her crazy curls
fall for gravity.
And probably tease her,
by straightening her hair.

I wonder how she'd look like in the night
when she's exhausted
and in the morning
still feeling frustrated.
Or probably angry
at the entire universe
during that time of the month.
Or upset, when I don't talk to her
because I am busy
looking at her.

Right now she rests at her arms,
 still facing me but sleeping.
I'd like to hold her close
and wrap my arms around her.

I wonder if she thinks about me too.
Is she crazy like me?
Is she also daydreaming about how
we could compete at a Longest Hair Contest
and she'd still win after all?
Is she also thinking about how beautiful
I look
by only wearing
My panties?
Is she also curious how my lips taste like?
Would it feel nice
that she'd be my first kiss:
Her full lips
Her tan skin
Her flushed face
Her curly hair
Her pointed nose
Her heart
On me... The same rhythm, thought,
and wavelength.
Drooling wet
but satisfying

She woke up from the bell
Recess is over.
I haven't touched my math workbook.
Quickly, I looked at her
Looking at me,
As she extends her right hand
and I reached it by my left. 
We ran for our Math class
Is it wrong for me to 
utterly feel
Blissful because she's holding my hand
Upset because I know she'll be the first to let go
Furious because she's letting go
and still hopeful
That one day,
There might be an answer
to my curiosity.

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