About a Boy

Nobody knows my secret talent like I do. It's the best thing that I am good at but the worst if it happens. Lend me a minute and I'll tell you how it's done.

Lying on my bed with scattered capsules at the sheets I remember the day I did not have to do it. Holding a medicine bottle at my right hand, I blink at my arms with blood drooling on my porcelain skin. Its warmth inks my skin and I blink again, because I let it happen. A bloodstained blade on my left letting go of things that wounded me. Darting my eyes on another view, the ceiling looks like me imperfect and unnoticed. Old enough to stand on its own walls, but breaking down when grudges are known to the ground.

Count to five and close ones eyes. Three, four, ... Five! Pretend that I do not exist. Well in minutes I won't be, but I will be remembered. Stop moving when air comes flowing from your chest and see that stomach inflate. Don't breathe. Try to stop. I know your body is bursting right now but do not give up... You are this close.

Count to three. Remember it's my last. One. I remember a picture of a happy face. Two. When it was once my laughter. Three. Still not the one he is after.

Thinking about him for the last time counts another second I owe death. Another second to live. Provided that I can never do my biggest talent is something to be honored. I expect darkness but I see light. This is it, I did it. 

I am his biggest loss.

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  1. Hi miss michelle tan, can I have your IG account. Pleasee im a fan :<


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