Why You Should Blog!

         Have you ever felt the instant rejection when you let others see your masterpiece but they reply with a shrug and say, its nice!? You feel like its not a compliment but rather an insult, believing that there is more to understand in your work than just its mere visual features.

Whether you are into photography, modeling, writing, sculpting, cooking, etc your craft is art. It must be a holy grail and should be treated with deep understanding and respect. With every work you produce is not only an ounce of blood, sweat, and tears but also a portion of your time and a piece of your soul. So if you ever felt ashamed that you should have never revealed your work to these people, then the more you must blog!

A popular excuse not to blog is it is time consuming. Well, its art. Like what the old man in Toy Story 2 mentioned, you cannot rush art! 

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My answeryeah you have to invest your most precious resource (time) on it because someday you are going to reap from the seed you planted.

Here goes my list and possible rebuttable excuses from you:

1. Build up your portfolio
         Be surprised with how much you can show your talents and skills through a single website. Having your own website makes you feel like yay I own a company where you can boss around and contextualize anything out from the box of your imagination. Your website can create a lot of impression and glimpse of what you are as a worker and how great of an artist you are and can be.
         Its like a resume with pictures, colors and fonts.

2. Because the Digital Age is Growing Fast
         That means, I have to make this item fast. In the future, most people would probably be bloggers too. While they are just staring, we are already PRO. Yeah.
         Rebuttal: I dont know anything about computer programming. I dont know where to start.
         My response: The Internet has a lot of slaves... I mean engines that you could consult to. You can even ask me personally how <html> or .css or { visual basic } works. No one is an expert at Level 1 Baby steps my dear.

3. Rebuttal: Only Old People Become Wealthy By Becoming an Artist
         Which means I can only get my first million by the age of 50.
         My response: WELL that was when the Internet is in its third trimester. Or its founders are getting it laid I mean hello, that was when the Internet barely exists. NOW ladies and gentlemen, people get discovered via World Wide Web. Imagine thisWriters then get published when they are old.Now, publishers can ask for your works to be printed. To make it short Notice how people your age and even younger are successful artists without even getting their hands on their college diplomas yet. Imagine what would that feel if it were you. It could be a reality you know.

4. The More You Become Interesting
         And did I mention desirable?
Lets get more personal. To be honest, I am a wallflower at school, no one notices me before. I just observe and look beyond what people normally see; The quiet one per se. At my course BS Managerial Accounting, people expect me to excel at my course nothing more nothing less. Breaking the *status quo (Like bloggers must come from Art or Communications School) makes me different. Once people realize that I am more than the numbers the more they say, ah I wish I could be more like her. So many skills.Not to brag or anything, but blogging helped me conquer my insecurities by making me a well-rounded person. Though, I am an introvert by nature, blogging helped me reach out to the entire world in ways I never even imagined before. People wonder more on what I have to offer and whats in store for them in the next few moments they could be.

5. Rebuttal: But I am afraid I wont get noticed.
My response: The More Reason You Must Get Started
         Pronto. Stat. Immediately. Now.
         Think about this ball of yarn. The string that has already been pulled is your life. The entire ball of yarn is yet to happen. Picture what life is with your own portfolio. People will visit it and say wow you have invested a lot on this. I wish I started years ago and figured that my life could be different. Youll gain confidence in ways you never realized before because you can do great things actually. 

I only summarized this list to five, to be honest there are a lot of reasons why to blog and of course excuses (from most people) why not to. Its your decision either way. Yet if you are going to consult me (or God) we will say TALENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE EXPRESSED, SHARED, NOTICED. Dont just sit there and burry your talent to the ground. Let it flourish over time. Who knows you can inspire someone out there in the world. Who knows that your future blog is an outlet of motivation to a fan of yours? Who knows what more blessings you can receive by investing your skills into one website. Who knowsthat one click can change everything.

If you have questions feel free to ask me or you could search for Youtube and Google tutorials. [full_width]
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