Why I Blog?

Because of the engagement (or profit)

Ehhhh Wrong Answer!

Over a decade ago, I have been fond of scrapbooking. Its one of my ways to unleash my creativity and express my introverted talents. My sister and I take great photos together and then decorate each page with glitters and stickers. Somewhere near is a caption regarding that photo. Once the book is filled with great memories, we put it on a shelf and revisit it every now and then. You have to know that it is one of the best feelings on earth.

And then Friendster came. Followed by Multiply, Tumblr, Yahoo!, and so on. People transformed into modern practice while I left the kid inside me to wonder how to gain that happiness I once had while crafting such beautiful pieces. While studying in an all-girls catholic school (both grade school and high school), everything I do is limited, so I regret hiding myself in front of the world instead of exposing what I have to offer. Blogging, show business, modeling, and interning on a magazine are illegal or against my high school policies; so instead of going with the trend, I did a little trick on how I could stick with my talents.

I took my high school reflection papers seriously as if I were a one-man company of a magazine enterprise. Id model to some projects, photograph or illustrate symbols relating to my articles. To be honest I am really proud of these works to the point that I poured all my heart out with the hopes of showing my portfolio (or projects) to companies in the future. And so does my Religion Professor they loved it that they asked if they could submit my works to PAASCU. I got upset because it was intended for my future job. Anyway, I just approved (because I have no choice, they already decided on their own.) I guess I should be proud of myself either way.
Blank slate. What are my internship plans now? Even if I am enrolled in a business-related program, deep, deep inside is a stubborn girl who will do everything to live in the dream. I have no idea what blogging is about until L.A. Aguinaldo.
Well, L.A. Aguinaldo is a model (who was my crush from 2010-2014) heck he owns a blog. Everyday One day I was stalking cyber sleuthing investigating him until I landed on a very rare page from Google I mean the Internet. Somehow I cannot view his website unless I own one too. So I made one. I saw his page, and read his posts. He is such an amazing writer, model, director/film student (back then), and to think that he graduated cum laude from his schoolwow, dream guy! BACK TO THE TOPIC. I got so giddy with my website that I said to myself this is it, I am never deleting this page. Its mine! MINE! FOREVER I werent really sure of my blog plans back then that I decidedhey why not do everything I wanted to do, who knows Ill get discovered. Who knows if PAASCU discovers my site and decides to steal grab read my works.

My first few months were an experiment. It got many page views but I knew within me that I am more. To be honest, I was really embarrassed by my first layout (having harshly criticized behind me), but it also leads me to improve more each time. Every time my demon says give up or stop now has the equal reverse effect on my drive to persist. At that time I did not know what to write, how to even start my own page, how to make people notice me...sometimes I'd ask people for their story or even ask them if I could dedicate some blog post for them. That was premature blogging days and those who really sticked with me from the beginning would also notice how much has changed. I might never got the first impression majestic but today, with all my best I will. 

Looking back at that those insecure moments where I compare my blog with others, when I cannot determine my purpose and inner voice as a writer, when I was (and still am) a legit amateur model, and those ancient blog layout If I havent changed or learned from all these baby steps is no SCREAMING BLOG! You are welcome.

Flash forward; with this dedication I have, it got me into places, helped me meet new people, gained my own money (uh huh), and enabled me to discover myself. This blog will be not only my folio but also an outlet of my creativity. Thus, my partner in self-discovery and perpetual aid of learning. 

The next time I feel like I should be quiet is another voice inside me saying Broadcast the truth or else you are going to regret it. Write what you see, write what you feel; Write what they also feel and see what they see. This is a lame realization that I have to name my blog SCREAM of Silence instead of the original Lasting On My Mind. My goal with this blog tho (nothing forced)

Blogging is not supposed to be for money purposes only. It has to be a place where one can channel their creativity. Blogging is not just for fame because it takes responsibility, commitment, and discipline. So the next time you think oh she is just doing this for her engagement (profit), I say, yeah I married my blog and I am still in love with (oh dammit no gender) it.

Tune in next week to find out why you should blog too!

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  1. Y U deactivate your facebook? HAHAHA. I miss you. -J.

  2. Please REACTIVATE YOUR FB. WE miss you!


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