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Sunday Reflections is all about random insights I would like to share to this blog, posted on every last Sunday of a month.

My first Sunday Reflection post is about names. Before that, I would like to say my whole name: Michelle Bernice Evidente Tan. Names say a lot about a person, so it's been one of my secret hobby to research on someone's name. Most people agree that their name says a lot about themselves... some believe that maybe there is a reason why their certain trait is different compared with their family's dominant personality.

Well, one reason why I had to post this is because I have been getting a lot of impression that my whole name sounds like surname. Like my first name Michelle, is originally a guy's name and it sounds legit that it used to be a surname circa 14th century. Bernice sounds like a surname that means dog, Berneese. A SHOUT OUT TO this insight to my professor! Another reason why I need to do this is for you to get to know me. Frankly, the last time I did an essay about my name is at 2007 which is a loooonnggg time ago. I believe I filled an entire intermediate pad paper. That essay's shredded into pieces, with the hope of recovering it is this blog post ready to scare me in fifty more years.

I present thee my name!

Michelle in French means, “Who is like God” or Godly or someone with Goddess-like features. WHAT! I was named after an archangel saint Michael who defeats evil. Those who ask for his prayers are observed to win good over temptation, sin, or any kind of danger. That was my mom’s idea why she named me that… so that I could also look like an angel (hahahaha). My father, likes a song from The Beatles. So I guess of all names they agreed to this one. I don't like being called Michelle because of the Filipino accent, "Mishyel" sounds unpleasant. To be honest, if I were called Mitch, Mica, Macy, Micey, Shelly, and Miley would make me feel 1. grossed out and 2. ordinary (did I mention, not special?) I invented the nickname Tami (TAn MIchelle)  not because I am anti-social but because people wonder more about me OR my identity (at the very least.) Calling me "Michelle" in public will be really awkward. 

Bernice in Greek means, “Bringer of Victory.” Honestly, I feel like I haven’t won anything in life. Although I help people with their own personal triumph in life, well they never remember me after that. On a quiz in Facebook, BER+NICE means "sensual goddess". Hmmm. I have a picture frame at home that dictates other definition of this name like: has flashing eyes, knows the value of trust, faith and reverence, an individual who is likable, a feminine, family-oriented lady, a woman who is loved by her family, one in a happy mood, is curious and has the desire to learn, and someone who likes to build others up. Actually, I'm laughing right now because only some applies to me and I don't know about the others.  The mere reason why my name on my social media accounts is MB is because IT SOUNDS NEUTRAL, like no gender. It also sounds more professional (J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, R.L. Stine) thus it appeals to what I do (Magazine Blogger) or what I am (Magandang Babae). Okay, let's pretend that the latter appeals to me. 

Evidente is a Spanish term for evident or clear while  Tan is a Chinese surname, though I am not sure if it meant the color, tan. I never really researched more about my middle and last name. Feel free to call me "Evidentease" or "Tan tararan tan tan".

A few more words:
It would be kind of you to call me Tami, or MB. Unless we are related, calling me by my full name would be an insult. That's all.

Respectfully (This is the first SUNDAY REFLECTION, I hope we'll have more),

Michelle Tan
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