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Months ago, I was conversing with my block mate about our professional life. He said that he admires my time and dedication to continuously feed my blog with great ideas. I said thank you, and even dared to ask (like what I always ask my friends) “Why don’t you have your own blog? You are a talented writer also.”(Because I always suggest to my friends to make their own blog). He replied, “oh it’s really hectic to balance my acads with orgs and others, plus I use my Facebook as my blog and I’m really contented with that. Needless to say, there was silence, but not an awkward one. After that meaningful conversation, I realized that everyone has strong opinions about something and I observed that they don’t use their voice properly to, perhaps, awaken someone’s attention in a good sense. These people point out that they want to grow as a writer and as a person but they are too lazy to commit. The more reason I AM moved to create this blog post is to strongly oppose to the idea that this generation is lazy; and impose, rather, that we are talented, brave, and committed. I will let my voice be heard so that I will sleep another night feeling to have completed my purpose. 
Give me the credit to make the font size bigger in this one, because I'd love to make this message very clear to everyone. READ each word or else ...
*and other social media platforms
** if you are investing on a long term blog

Facebook is not for blogging primarily because blogging contains documentation of a person’s talents/skills and must observe some semblance of professionalism. If you were like the 2009 version of me who actively blogged on Facebook, then you would notice that your profile page’s a mess – jumbled, even. Facebook like other social medial platforms is a place where we can share our private lives with people within our social circle. It is where we keep in touch with our relatives, friends and even work. Combining your blogs to your Facebook account might, in the end, violate your privacy needs or threaten your safety. It also strains the kind of entertainment Social Media and Blogging Websites separately have to offer. Although Facebook is also a place where you can share your works, keeping your own blog is more ideal.

Blogging is a public representation of you. It is where you keep in touch with yourself, hobbies, talents, and unleash your creativity. Here, you present your portfolio (with/out monetary exchange) with the hope of meeting new and inspiring people.

Another reason why Facebook is not for blogging purposes is because blogging is not for everyone. Although it is given that everybody, living or non-living creature, has their own Facebook accounts, blogging is for those who are brave enough to express themselves, their thoughts, their emotions, their scars, and their individuality (even to people outside their social circles.)

Having your own website gives your viewers the choice to read your works rather than scanning through them on their newsfeed. You will also have a limited amount of viewers when you intend to use Facebook as a medium for blogging. Also, how would you track how many page views you had on a day in Facebook? Picture this—you want to write stories. You post them via status or via Notes on your Facebook account. You wanted to label your post but Facebook gives only limited amount of features to help you with your objectives; Question is how will you be able to compile your works on a folder in Facebook?

Having your own blog keeps you organized. Imagine thisyou want to be a photographer. You have individual albums that display your talent. Along with that are your other photo album uploads of your selfies, family reunions, school plays, professional events, and so forth. What I also hear from other’s complaints is pictures deplete their quality on Facebook. Agree?

Not everyone can view your Facebook profile. Or if they can view your public posts, they will give unnecessary impression about your feed plus they will grow tired scrolling down to your ~Born page~. So give everyone the favor to show your true self by investing your energy on your blog. Plus, blogging gives you enough freedom to be creative. Let’s be honest, the Facebook design is monotonous, so creating your own style on your website will make better impression and will lead your audience to think that your works remarkable and worth spending their time with.

Many have privacy concerns on Facebook and still believe that they still need to post their blog on their own Facebook account. I’d like to raise a question—Would it be practical for you to create another Facebook account to clearly separate your personal and your public account? Of course it wouldn’t be because you have to repeat the initial steps of creating an account in Facebook, thus making it more difficult to balance both accounts because it would be rather confusing for your mutual friends to keep in touch. I’ll ask another question—if privacy is a concern, then simply creating a Facebook Fan Page to post your blog there will be enough, right? After all, Facebook Fan Pages are created for public posting. Having your own Facebook page is not enough. I kindly suggest that you create one FB Fan Page for your Blog instead of having it as a medium to blog. The purpose of having one is to expand your audience by having your Blog’s FB Fan Page be advertised across the globe. Also, it is used to update and initiate messages with your readers in case they follow you via Facebook. A win-win situation for those who have privacy concern!

Lastly, the content of your works will be much appreciated on your blog. Compiling them on one website makes you feel and think more productive (and more interesting.) Every week, you anticipate to reveal innovative insights that you want to share in public. Rarely, will you hear your Facebook friends complain about your works because they respect your effort that you fill into making your blog a masterpiece. Now that's really interesting, isn't it. I guess you would not miss that one out.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your time

Special thanks to Anna Bea Geronga for helping me generate ideas in this article. Visit her blog at Thin Line Between Sanity and Insanity

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  1. I definitely agree with this post Michelle! Facebook isn't meant for blogging! Most of the people on Facebook doesn't care about what you think and what you share :((

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog! <3

    xx, Janine | Wandering Ella

  2. Facebook blogging is far more different than Blogspot/Worpdress/Squarespace blogging. Having a real site up is different than an account on facebook.

    God Bless
    Mac | Weekly Struggles


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