Dear Love, Choose Me

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is supposed to be uploaded on February 14, 2016 but I just decided right now to share it on public.

~A letter to my future husband


          I'd like to call you Love and nothing else. Right now, I am not referring to a specific name yet. So I guess this is how to start a letter and how I must call you in a letter. HEHE

         Today is January 11, 2016 and at around 12:35 am I am writing you this letter to let you know that I am praying for you. Well, if you remember my first letter I have meant every word to it up to this point. I remember writing it like it was yesterday and I never lost my faith in you. I hope you're doing okay. If not, just read my letters.

First of all, I apologize that my first (and this) letter for you has to be seen in the Internet while it clearly has to be private. You have to know that I have kept my handwritten letters for you at home that are very private, so don't conclude that every letter of yours has to be exposed. Though my first letter became popular, I am hoping that this letter will reach to you as well.

Please understand that every girl in the world likes the idea of true love and, I am one of those. Most girls are mistaken that they need guys in order to feel complete. In the past few years, I admit that I have met a lot of guys who I hoped to be you but they can simply be lessons and they only belong to the past. You, oh my goodness, you are indeed special. You are a blessing! As much as I prayed to God before that I need a husband, today I say no. I just want to be with you whoever you are sweet dear. Men love to be wanted, not needed. And since I learned so much from my previous lovers (not boyfriends) I can say that I saved myself so much for you... I hope you appreciate it okay.

            Before, these lovers would tell me that “I am their dream girl,” however they did not live up to their words. Probably because they are not you or they cannot fulfill simple promises, that’s why they ghosted out. Somehow I believe you exist and you might be reading this. Perhaps we’re friends or maybe strangers. Maybe I am not your dream girl but your girl.
            What the heck am I saying? HAHAHAHA. I just know that you will be faithful to your word.

Second, I am sorry again because this letter is not-so romantic as the first one. Yet you have to know that every word from this came from my soul. It is my heart that dictates what to say and the mind is just following through. Speaking of follow through, I love follow-throughs. In this generation, most people gave up believing in that kind of love (we both wish and can have) to the point that they take most of their relationships for granted. Like in dating, for example. Most would expect their first on their first date and sex on the fifth date. People live up by numbers now, which is why life is more difficult even though it should not be. Boys who are not interested will not follow through. Pursue me no matter how difficult I can be. My life weren't easy, and I guess your life isn't bliss as well. Yet I guarantee that if you pursue me, we’ll be the happiest even at the hour of sorrow.

Date me even if it weren’t Valentine’s Day. Let’s not date on Valentine’s Day because you know I get stressed that day. Know that a single rose is more romantic than a bouquet. I prefer indoors than outdoors, so you have to know board games and I promise we’ll play video games together. Teach me how to love adventure because I love risking my life just to sky dive with you. Love me even if we might not have children together. Know that I love horror movies because watching each film makes me stronger than my fear. Yet if we have to watch chick flick or romcom, it has to be Princess Diaries because you know that it's the very first "first kiss" I saw on wide television. Respect the idea that I am afraid at animals and I will need you to be my knight in shining armor when there is a cute puppy chasing me. Understand that there will be barriers and obstacles that will hinder us from being together. Don't give up no matter what. Persist! Above all, continue praying that someday we’ll be together.

I pray that you are a God-lover (bonus if good lover) just like me. They say to marry is to tie a know but in our case, it must be a braid inter weaving (one string is mine, one is yours, and one is God.) You don't have do be sacrilegious to be a God-lover, I just mean that you are aware that you have limitations. That these limitations you have won't hinder you to ask God for more. I want you to know that God exists even if you cannot see Him. He loves you, He loves me, He loves everybody. Back to what I was saying, God will be there for you also, so don't be scared to ask for His help sometimes, too. 
          Any friend of mine knows that my goal in life is to be successful. It will just be fine if I don’t get married because I always believed that marriage should “be all, end all” of life. If it would only result to mayhem in the future, then better break it now (especially if they are the type of people who refuse to acknowledge failure and mistake or conflict even)… I mean, whether you exist or not, I’d still be happy.
          Based on what guys are, I know that you are a giver. As much as I’d like to receive your love, I’d rather reciprocate in ways other people cannot. You see, people love another based on how they want or need to receive it. Men love to be respected, admired, and trusted. I’ll give you that. Respect means I will give you the space you need (when you pull away) to consume your thoughts so that you will come back to love me more than before. Admire you for the things you did and not to nag about the things you failed to do. And trust, because this is a gift I cannot provide to everyone, only to those people who are close to me. I will trust you with my past, present, future, and I will trust your decisions because I know that you only want to love and protect me, like an instrument of God who only wants the best for me. I promise to see your efforts in whatever you are doing. Be aware that us girls, we talk about problems... so whenever I talk to you, don't feel like I have to be "fixed" or I need advice. I talk to you because you make me feel safe, secure, and better than ever. I know what to do, I know how to act. Just hear me out okay. Choose to listen carefully, understand my point, and care that it's not always about fixing. That's the secret (already exposed to the Internet. ~laughing~)

            I will see you around. Or you will see me around.
            If you want to know how I want to be loved, then read my private letters at home AND pray to God. Remember the last thing I told you, they are essential.


Me (Now! And choose me always!)

P.S. If we have a conflict, resolve it by midnight slow dancing. Yep. 

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  1. Heyyy it's fine. Is it for me? Hahahahaha. Kinilig ako dito sis.


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