Crop That!

Normally I would rather combine high-waisted shorts with off shoulder top rather than a cropped tank top. I guess (with a long debate going on inside my head) I decided to give it a try. Here's how I did mine. 

Apologies to my post-holiday bod and skin. 

Cropping photos can be fun! This could be a lazy or extra step to photo editing yet it makes your pictures gain more focus, reduce the unnecessary back ground, and give that extra mystery to the subject in the image. The opposite with cropped top. 

Wearing cropped top can be exciting but requires extra preparation and confidence. Regardless of culture, preference, taste in clothing, tradition and comfort, knowing that you survived wearing a cropped top is exhilarating.  

Wearing high waisted shorts gives an illusion of long legs, tiny waist, and full hips. Combining it with cropped top shapes your chest area... An hourglass figure to sum it all up.

Get ready for Tami's tummy!

I am not really used to showing some skin, especially exposing my belly. However they say confidence is sexy. If you want a sexy midrift then feel confident about your own skin!

Oh of course, the shoes!

Few more words. 
Don't be afraid to crop your photos or wear cropped clothes. The biggest sin in fashion is to feel insecure of your own body and clothes. Be confident that you can survive the myths against dressing up. Pop a color, neutralize, contrast and complement. Good luck

Clothes and Shoes: Marks & Spencer's
Photographed by Joan Tan

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  1. You have a lovely neck! DO you have a boyfriend? DO you love someone?


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