Blog Fess 2 (Something New)


One of my New Year's Resolution is to make my blog more organized. So I drafted what my first quarter would talk about.

On January is about basics... All about blogging. No story-telling just yet, because I will be posting anything about my blog experience and why you must blog as well. Every post is uploaded weekly unless there are minor collaborations (photo shoots) from my friends.

February is about love. Well, heart break is part of the equation, I might be writing more on poems, and articles why you must be single and why having your heart broken is a "lucky" thing to experience.

This March, I will be talking about body. Traditionally speaking about the practice in the Philippines that "it's summer time!" I might be planning to shoot at the beach, or how to lose ten pounds or such.

~Supposedly stopping here but, ~

By April, I am certain that I will be talking about school and work. Unlike the month, March, where my works are still being planned at the moment, in April, I will be revealing secrets about the modeling world and another untold facts about why you must take a business-related course.

Well, I will be having my birthday this May turning XIX to XX. Shocks. Not only that but my blog will be turning 3 as well, so double celebration.

As of the moment these are my plans so tune in for some of the interesting topics I'd like to emphasize on the first quarter to almost the half of 2016.

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  1. I miss you na! Go reactivate your Facebook. -ate Kate

  2. Part ba ng new year's resolution mo ang mag deactivate ng Facebook? Kasi po when we last talk masaya ka naman. ano po ito cliff hanger. ATE WE MISS YOU. WE'RE WORRIED. HOPE you're doing well. pagaling ka!


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