Black in Business (New Year Celebration)

You can never go wrong with a simple little black dress!

I love wearing black; whether I'm feeling giddy or utterly cranky and mysterious, black is an easy color to fall for in any occasion.

It's a new year and I painted my first days in black. At first I was having doubts, knowing that red is how to celebrate NYE traditionally. Still, I followed my guts. Black will be what it will let itself be. And so will I.


Perks of wearing black:
No traces of stain, sweat, dirt, etc
Goes well with any accessory
If you are too lazy to pick a matching top to a coloured pants, socks, or hat
Accentuates your body

A few more words:
Each time I feel conscious about myself, this color reminds me to lay low and stay put where I came from. Black is mysterious. A constant reminder to never expose too much of myself if I want to make people wonder. Black is class; with respect to the other colors, black is not flashy without being or looking too ordinary. Black will put me to success: money, friends, family, love, health, and leisure.

Most importantly, black will remind me to:
Always be determined but humble, ambitious but open to mistakes. Black will complete my year (as I was wearing black when I celebrated the new year) with a clean slate. Color the year with black! ♣️

Walking towards 2016 in heels! 

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