Anything Goes 1 (January 2016)

'Anything Goes' is a new feature to my blog where I summarize the monthly happenings and whereabouts.  This is posted at every 2nd to the last day of the month

January is the month that commences brand new things, giving chances, and exploring some great adventures. Throughout this month, I wrote about my wisdom and opinion on blogging as I dedicate this month to my friends who (were convinced to) start blogging this year. Of course, I made an effort to my La Portefeuille page by collaborating with my sister to shoot me and I also wrote my second letter to my future husband which was supposed to be posted on Feb.

This month's posts are Anatomy of a Blogger  , Why I Blog, Why You Must Blog, Tips for Starters, How to Start your Own Blog, 7 Blogging Sins, 7 Blogging Commandments, Habits you must be Doing, AND Facebook is Not for Blogging. On my modeling portfolio or look book page, I posed around my neighborhood. Here are my works: All Eyes on Blue, Black in Business, and Crop That!

Thank you for staying with me this month and being with me in my 1/12 journey this 2016. It's been really wonderful. While I am still outlining my posts for March, it might be until the latter half of the year that I will be writing about blogging again; plans are yet temporary, though.

All I am saying is, Don't Be Afraid to Blog. Blogging is about being yourself, sharing what beauty you have, braving out criticisms and breaking the Status Quo!

Join me this February as we talk about a brand new adventure on love, on heartache and on choosing to be happy.

Michelle Tan
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