Anatomy of a Blogger

So you want to be a blogger? 

Learn these few tips from my two years (and counting...)

You will need:
Blogging is about being creative. The challenge is to be more creative each day while learning at your previous mistakes and also communicating with normal people. The key is to think differently  but to also translate these things into the usual colloquial language. Know what to focus on your website and you are good to go. 

This is new. Have a simple website (same as your main website) with a few contents of your works. Your dummy website is to test all the computer programming things before working on your blog. Download your ideal template at SoraTemplates before plunging into the coding. Be sure to research first which website you want to go (Blogspot, WordPress, Wix, etc.) Learn tutorials from youtube if you are interested to digitalize your page.

3. THE ESSENTIALS (notebook, pen, laptop, camera, etc)
~No explanations further. Have these items ready any time an idea pops in your head. Be open-minded and realistic with your blog posts.~

Not only blogging is exhausting, time-consuming, frustrating,  and apprehending but it also requires flexibility, determination, creativity (again), unique and appealing. Rarely, it is relaxing. So if you want to be bombarded with another responsibility in exchange for a long-term fulfilment then blog to your hearts desire! In order to earn a lot (Engagement is the term for profit in blogging), you have to  literally engage yourself to OR with your blog. Marry if possible.
P. S. Engagement (or money) will come on the latter part. Unless

Do you have a friend who is an aspiring model, writer, photographer, artist, blogger too?  Then it is both your time to complement each other's talents and share them to the world. No need to hide them.  Collaborating is great because it gives you both the time to bond and know each other, express each other's skills through communication, and give you more exposure to the world. 

Good luck! 
Michelle Tan

BONUS: (Top 3 Tips for Starters)
1. Know that People Read Only Useful Content/s
If it's not relevant (to their lives) or hilarious, post at your own risk. All my top posts are usually articles that people relate to or posts with photos. So if you have a unique (like in my case, literary) works then go find your audience at related websites (like Berlin Art Parasites for literary and Thought Catalog for Features works). Post contents that are significant to your readers so that they will find you very interesting and important in their life. 

2. Focus on Three Things about your Blog and Stick to it!
Usually I talk about love, acceptance, and having hope and faith for the future but this is too broad so I narrowed it down to school, love, and God... okay and a little bit of fashion... Have your own style when it comes to blogging. Always be reminded of your purpose and plan in your blog (that is your motto.) 

3. Never be Afraid to Express yourself in your Blog! Go Without Limits
The rule in blogging is to be fearless. A lot will judge you: there is a crowd out there. One thing I think when I have to go around the world is to face my fears because dealing with them makes you stronger and braver. Be creative in your own way. Be yourself. At the end of the day, you have had a bucket list filled with great memories and some people would really commend your bravery. Each post is a success because you did it, you worked really hard for it, you knocked all the obstacles out. Those notice these few things are worth keeping. I tell you.

Last notes: You are a creative thinker. Know what your audience wants, give it to them and then you will influence them to think like you. It's a wonderful power to change someone but it entails responsibility, if you get me <3

Never miss a post. 


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