7 Blogging Sins

On a casual day, I was sipping my watermelon juice to come up with these blogging sins that can lead to a tragic blog. Dont let these happen to you if youre planning to own a website (someday it will be a requirement, as predicted by my crystal ball ~holds her chests~) Seven is not my lucky number, contradicting with everyone else who believes it is perfection.
Ill link a cool music just to entertain you while you read this.
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Read every item like reconciling to a priest.

Remember that/to,
       1.    Routine is a Sin
Unless we are talking about regularly posting for your website then it will be the only item exempted in this rule. What I mean by routine is doing the same mistakes over again. How do you know what are the wrongs in your website? Feed back. It is important to consider your fans comments and ask an expert (if possible) for recommendations. ALSO, be unpredictable but according to limits. By that, I mean your posts must not always be about ONE RIGID THING OR SUBJECT. Feel free to vary the topics and have an angle in your posts.

        2.    Back up!
Have one flash drive or hard drive in store for your website. Before deleting your files, transfer it on this special flash drive. Organize it accordingly.
E.g. Posts folder, Photos Folder, Template and coding folder.

       3.    Hold on your Visa
Or mastercard, or paypal. You will need that. I swear, you have to spend some money to own your personal domain, template and ad for your website.

       4.    Introduce yourself
ONLY from time to time: Reveal less. Do not do this on a one time basis where people automatically know the details of Your Life Book 1. This might lead to hindrance from getting your blog noticed. Let them connect the dots for every ones benefit. Your posts will be a clue to your identity. Make them wonder more.

       5.    Audience is King
Not you! Even if your domain name states My Website Dot Com, oh hail the rightful king/s! Your blog is at stake with a snap on their fingers. So treat them with respect. Know what to serve them. Although you are using your own voice and perspective, you must hear them out according to the appeal to their interest.

       6.    Let Criticisms Defy Only on your Past... But don't change everything (on your web)
in terms of standards. Your blog must have substance and class. I had this one block mate of mine who "over criticized" my pre-pubescent blog look on 2013. So, it really inspired me to learn how to manage, layout/design, and BOOM my website. I had bad comments and reviews on that same year, which was the source of my improvement to this page on this date.

       7.    Web-Design Ignorance
Thou shall be creative! Learn the latest trend about website (like floating header, floating social media icons, blinking ad, etc). If you want to be a minimalist, then go on for neutrals and fonts. Your photos must be vibrant. To be simple means you also have to look neatknow the basics of lay outing and you will be able to amaze people via visuals.

BONUS: 3 Blogging Habits You Must be Doing (on e-mailing)

       1.    You must have one email strictly for your blog (other than school/work email)
Strictly for contacting you if they want to support, collaborate, inquire, comment, and advertise. Dont use this to subscribe to free online workshops for your blog or follow your personal contacts either.
       2.    Check your email regularly
Who knows Patrick Demarchelier might email you about working with him. Who knows?
       3.    Observe Netiquette

The basic rules in writing are the eight Cs (which I learned in my Technical Writing class last semester)clarity, conciseness, cohesion, consideration, concreteness, cheerfulness, correctness and COURTESY. You have to remain positive and respectful even if your client has 101 bad reviews/feedback.

I hope you find this post really helpful. Next week (on the 28th) I will be publishing why Facebook is Not for Blogging!
Stay tuned

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