7 Blog Commandments and How to Start your Own

There has got to be something to correct your mistakes. Luckily heres superwoman to help you about the things you must have in your blog. You can add so many things on your blog but in my opinion these are your Must-Haves.

1.    Purpose
Saying it again and again, purpose will be the direction of your blog and your audiences as well.
2.    About Page and Contact Page
An About Page would either talk about you or your website (in my case, it talks about Scream of Silence); ideal to have 1 paragraph three sentences, but you can give more. This will give everyone a hint about what you are blogging about.
Contact Page is adequate to those interested to your works. Have this ready so youll be available at their expense.
3.    Categories (or labels)
See these images!
Main Menu on top

Categories or Pages

At the end of each post

At the Footer Section

 This will make your blog more organized. You dont want anyone to be merely scrolling down to your previous works or to your archive history. It would be easier for everyone if youd also add labels on each post.
4.    Pictures
Majority would prefer that. A simple image of you or the icon of your blog or the title of the post would be enticing to read. Learn the basics of photography and photo enhancing.
5.    The masss opinion and your opinion
Include both because this is how you reveal your individuality with everyone.
6.    To know the basics of fonts, colors, themes, and graphics
You must be aware of the different usage of sans serif, serif, cursive, etc. for fonts. Hues, shades, gradient for colors, and advance Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I am just kidding with the latter (and sort of regret it because no one is laughing).
7.    Credit someones work/ participation

Collaborating is fun. Exchanging of medium of expertise helps you connect with another branch of art as well as the person behind it. Credit your sources, add copyright, etc. and you will be safe

Bonus: Step-by-step building a blog for beginners

This is ridiculous, only you will have your own pace and consent on how you want to start yours. Yet here are the most basic 4 on how you must practically start yours. These steps are also applicable to other blogs like WordPress and Wix, but this procedure is most likely applicable to Blogspot.

       1.    Domain and Hosting
.com, .org, .me, etc. Have your own at $6 or less. I suggest that you try a three-year payment interval.

       2.    RSS Feed
Register your blog at Feed Burner or other websites that gives copyright to your post. It also gives you the legit feeling that your posts are original, not written in the same way as others. Plus it lets others subscribe to your blog, so when you install it to your website, it will give your loyal readers update and first glimpse of your latest posts.

       3.    Download your own theme
In blogspot, you can shop to Sora Templates and find the perfect or customized template for you.

       4.    Feel free to customize after
Depending on your plan, have an introduction post and link all labels that you will use to create your pages menu.
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  1. HI TAMMY! Thanks for helping me start my blog. You're such a good friend

    Here's our past collab Shoot with Miss Tan

    Don't forget to visit my site Beauty in Bliss by Danica

    Love Danica


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