Pet Peeves

(Verb) annoy, irritate
(Noun) to cause annoyance

Okay this is the pessimistic side of me. Prepare yourself with my bad insights about how I don’t want to be a part of this generation life versus I don’t want you to be a part of my life. This blog post is CRUEL but guess what, who isn’t?

On everything
   1.    Rude, ill-mannered people
Let me tell you that manners matter. Here are list of manners that you might have forgotten: Respectful, Thrift, Punctual, Polite, and others
Having manners mean that you respect others the way you have respect for yourself.
   2.    Judgmental people
Don’t tell others who they are, they know who they are and do not need anyone else to dictate who they are further than what they truly are. Tell me who you are.
   3.    Backstabbing
Don’t tell me who I am behind me. It’s exciting what you have to say about me in front of me. Come on!
   4.    Hypocrites
The “I am not but I really am” kind of person.
   5.    People who use the Bible as a reason an excuse to everything
Self explanatory.

On The Streets
   1.    Smoking
Drinking (okay, with moderations), Drugs (don’t even think about it!) SMOKING—now we have an issue. It’s bad when you are causing harm to yourself and causing more damage to others as well. Other people are fighting for their every breath in life while you are doing that?
   2.    People who haven’t made a decision in fast food joints (especially when I’m this close to the counter)
UHHH. Just take the chicken!
   3.     Slow service
YES. I don’t like slow. But I don’t like those who try to rush me either. Be in the “just right” time. Don’t delay, Don’t rush.
   4.    People who talk when you’re reading
Can’t you read between the lines?
   5.    People who get in your private space
Don’t even think about it!

At School
   1.    Demanding people
You have a lot of needs. Think about reciprocation…now it’s my turn—
   2.    People who talk while you are reciting
So you think you have better ideas than I? Okay talk (puts microphone at their mouth)
   3.    Professor Pleasers
Who so desperately need their GPA’s increase would woo The Boss’s and charm them. Let’s settle this thing in a right way…I’ll wait until you no longer have people you can trick charm enchant talk
   4.    Talkative people who only wants attention
AHHHH! Your noise drains everyone’s energy. You don’t have a talk show; we have class. If you want to talk then cut class. We don’t need your blabbermouth.
   5.    People who secretly wants to be with you but their friends told them to stay away from me.
Two words: Your loss O. K.

On Social Media
   1.    Those people who “correct” other people
If your pet peeve are those who say “your instead of you’re” vice versa and you try to correct people by rubbing your intellect, then you are my pet peeve, congratulations!
   2.    False Advertising
No sugar with sweeteners. Really? And you try to woo me with your font?
   3.    Shrtnd txt mssgs
Don’t be lazy on me. Don’t give the impression that you’re out of vowels because I’ll make your life difficult by replying you without consonants. Emojis included.
   4.    People who share a lot on Facebook
A quotation or phrase+ a conversation + picture + SHARE = your comment “TOTALLY ME.” Then you flood your feed with a lot of these. You are not just predictable, but you’re obviously bored in your life. Not everyone wants to get to know you okay. If they want to get to know you, they will make time for you.
   5.    Those who make their Timeline “an online diary”
Here’s a notebook. Go write on it. A diary is supposed to be private. Don’t express your frustrations on your timeline or else you’ll cause everyone migraine.

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