One Moment With Him

~How I found my True Love~

            He draws his fingers through my hair and thugs a section of strand behind my ear. Slowly, both His thumbs meet my tear-stained cheeks just a little under my eyes. He then cups my jaws without saying anything, without looking anywhere but at me; without hesitating he gently holds my shoulders and draws me to His heart. I felt his touch as He wraps me in his arms and as I continue to whisper to Him softly while my eyes are still shut, my heart wide open, and my hands kissed from palm to palm. He listens to me; His heart beat for me. That is how Him and I reconnected miraculously, and at that point my time began ticking.

            “Tell me everything you want to say,” He suggests when I almost stopped whispering. He assures me that I can share anything I wanted to. I thanked Him for still being beside me…choosing not to go away whenever I disappoint Him. I told Him about the good things and the bad things that happened to me in the past. I talked about my dreams and ambitions I still have to pursue. I mentioned a lot of things; how I felt, how I see, how I know things. I asked Him if He could accept my anger, fear, hatred, insecurities, anxiety, doubts, and indifference. Instead, He purifies everything I mentioned and returned me the grace of patience, bravery, acceptance, confidence, trust, love, care, peace, and hope more than I could ever ask for. He is so kind and humble to listen to all my stories. He ensures me of His love as long as I will remember how I always chose love over everything.

            With every beat of our hearts, He says:
            “I love you so much. I love you so much I died everyday to prove that you do not deserve less than My love. I endure pain every single day and night just to be with you. I asked My Father if I could spend all that I have just to be with you. You know that your happiness is my joy. Your smile is a precious gift. Your laughter is a remedy. Some do not realize this yet because they want to take you away from Me. They do not want to see you happy because they do not know how to be truly happy. Others would try to woo you with the things I gave them but would rather pursue you than to cultivate what love they already have.” He speaks surely of what He is saying, matching the beat of His heart to His word to my heart as if we were one flesh.

            It hurts me that we are physically apart. That these demons want you make you believe that I do not exist, that my love does not conquer evil. I hope that my embrace is enough of a miracle. I hope that I am enough.” One heart beat, one word made flesh. I asked Him one last time, “Lord, when can I be with You? The world is so cruel. The world is so selfish. The world will tear each other down. Can you alleviate all this evil, my Lord?” He covers His palms over my praying hands and sings,
“I created all things good. You are good. Your friends and family are good. The Earth is good. People are good individually. If there is one thing I cannot create, it would me the things men do and make, and evil is sadly a part of those of the many things man can incorporate with the talents and gifts I have blessed them with. You know that there is one way to stop evil, and that is if men stops doing evil and starts choosing me. You choose me by choosing man, choosing love, sacrifice, and peace. My Love, man is individually good. They might not know this but I create and love each one “imperfect” so that when men unite together as one, they become one perfect love…my wife-The Church. I created man so that they will not feel alone but not with the intention to make them feel insecure. I made a companion for them so that they will feel my love through this “temporary life” you all have. You will only have the eternal life when your time will come and when you choose to be with me. Now that I will ask you one thing—will you choose to be with Me?”

I said ‘yes’ and He provides me five more eyes—intellect, instinct, independence, innocence, and insight. He gave me all these things and only asked me for one thing—faith. With all the love He gives me up to this point, I should say that I never stopped praying. Everyday I prove to Him that I deserve His love, His trust, and His effort. So I bring all the faith, trust, hope and patience in return so that one day, in the right moment we will be together again. This time, I am permanently a part of His.
True love waits.

Thank you Lord for all the success and blessings that I have. I never thought that I would be rewarded so much. You know that I love you with all my being. You know that I trust Your plans for me in this “temporary life.” Therefore today, I declare myself that I have found my true love. All these years that I devoted to search high and wide but now I find myself in between your arms. I love you and this is for you!

Michelle Tan
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  1. This Christmas season, what are your wishes and prayers?


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