Naughty or Nice (Year End Post)


Filled with fireworks. I remember I had real goals for this year: get my ideal body, achieve excellent grades, keep your true friends, and explore. From afar, I keep my goals in a circle, targeting all until the desired bull's eye is hit.

Describe 2015 in one word: TERRIFYING! 

~Terrifyingly awesome!

I had big goals at the year start and shock myself every time it ends to fulfillment. From January to April it was rough because I had to redeem myself academically and by June, reaping all the outcomes from those sacrifices at school. There were issues with friends too, doubts within myself, and worries in the future. My first blog also got destroyed unexpectedly terminated itself due to programming malfunction. By July I regained my Scream of Silence blog: the birth after Lasting on my Mind and the former became a major hit! From getting collaborations, to promotions, to inspiring someone somewhere around the world with hope and faith is a big deal to me.

There and then, I was happy. After 18 years of total washed up sorrow is a 2015 of rainbow (but not daily). [     After all the senate approved the LGBT community in this year too.     ] With all the suffering that could happen in your life, then will come a time that you will be happy if you work hard for it and you choose to be happy.

All the success happened because there was hope and faith that I always cling up to. Although I was anxious, it never gave me the reason to hold back. I braced myself with grace and fortitude to overcome the challenges and disputes.

So if you are asking, was I naughty or nice this 2015? Yes, I was nice but not too nice to hinder myself to reach my dreams in order to please someone. Was I naughty? Maybe I played a lotfrom enhancing my talents, to exploring the world, to meeting new people. Yeah, that kind of naughty... The kind of naughty that would not sit pretty and wait for things to happen.

In 2015 I am braver than before. This 2016 I will be better than ever
2016 is scary too. Ill be twenty in months time, so it means that my decision has greater impact in my future than what I had in the previous years. Yeah, the big XX conveys greater responsibilities, wise choices and minimum number of options. There will be an extra day, which means He has given me an extra 24-hour still nineteen-year-old version to breathe into. HOWEVER it never exempts me to make reckless choices. Okay I am rambling now

I will quote a phrase from a Disney Movie, The Lion King:

To everyone who supported me, became a part of my 2015, left me, ignored me, loved me, hated me, bashed me, prayed for me, and stayed with mea huge thank you! It wouldnt be complete without you. I sincerely feel gratified that you have been a part of my life. Sayonara 2k15


 OKAY... I will resurrect some of my favorite images in 2015!

Baguio City

Fitness First

Foodie Adventures

Manila Bay


Inspirational talk

Ganda Family Only Pictorial

Japan in July

Abercrombie & Fitch, Hong Kong

Max's at 70

CHALK Magazine event



Book signing with Ricky Lee

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