I Met Her

Mom always said step mothers are vicious, selfish, gold digging, mistress of (my) father. Step moms are bad and are low...that's why you step on them. I always believed her until the truth came out.


It was a cozy afternoon when mom were saying these words to me when I was seven. She hugged me in her arms as I lay on her body, facing the same story we are reading, Cinderella. I always love Cinderella because she was kind (and she has a blue gown and holy grail shoes). More than that, she was kind to her step family despite their immense slavery onto her. One day, she wished to get a night out (to attend the ball) but never wished for a prince. She got everything and the rest was a happy ending for her.  As a child, all I wished was not to get a cruel stepmother/step family like Cinderella had; I had that wish...But fate never guaranteed that I would never meet mean people nor did it promise to not give me a stepmother.

Flash forward.

Twelve years old. At this point I can't believe what I am hearing. Should a prepubescent girl hear something like, "Your dad has a first wife...Your mother is his mistress." SO--That means I'm a step?
"Her name is Celeste. She is childless. Your dad never left her. Your mom never left your dad."
Yes I am a step family without step siblings. I guess that's the awful twist in my story.
My aunt frankly told us about the secret they were hiding for years now and I guess they never thought it would come to this day.
"I'd like to meet her."

Day fourteen (since The Day)
It seemed like it just happened yesterday. I am staring at this white mansion that looks like heaven from afar. I'm comparing my house with it. My house (a bungalow) her house(two stories with a balcony like Romeo and Juliet), my house doesn't have a swimming pool, some dogs, a room of books, a room of snakes, a room of old DVD's, a cage of birds, a jukebox and two kitchens. Her house smells regal even if it was walked by animals. From behind me there was a calm sound that whispered to my ears, "Hello Emma."
It's her.


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  1. Fiction or Non-Fiction? Sounds real to me

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