Since the deactivation of my twitter account (two years ago) and my last year (don't get your hopes up, I'll never reactivate it) I’ve been getting the same questions all over again in my social media accounts (which are for personal use.) I also get the same questions and feedback from people who personally ask me in school. Instead of being retelling the same answers over again, I decided to make this post to be more organized. I summarized some frequently asked questions about me and about my blog into one post. I guess this post will get updated from time to time. If I missed out any question, feel free to ask down below or email/inquire ( 

Also, feel free to collaborate with me. Have a great life!

What is your full name? Do you have a nickname? Birthday and zodiac sign?
My full name is Michelle Bernice Evidente Tan. I'd like to be called  Tami. My birthday is on the 9th of May in the year 1996. I'm Taurus (Western Zodiac) and year of the rat (Chinese or Eastern Zodiac). Basically I'm still 19 but in Chinese I am 20 (because they consider the moment of conception as your birthday). I guess my heart is already beating at Circa August '95.

What’s your course, where do you study and what year are you in?
I’m taking up my Bachelors degree in Management Accounting at the University of Santo Tomas. I’m currently in my third year.

Is Management Accounting difficult? How do you balance school and your work as a blogger?
Yes it is. Sometimes, I cannot believe that I am still breathing. Figuratively and literally. Accounting is not learned just by merely reading like you do on a magazine or simply typing a calculator uno + dos + tres = sais. What I do is I really prioritize my academics over some extra curricular in my schedule; I actually bring a mini notebook with me in case I get any ideas I wanna share it with this blog. Then if I find extra time, I blog what I already drafted in my in-between-life-and-studies-sessions.  The key is to balance your time and manage your energy.

What high school did you attend to?
 Well, I am a Theresian Alumna from St. Theresa's College, Q.C. The school is located along D. Tuazon and Banawe area. It looks like a convent from the outside because it is an exclusive school for girls. Dump all your ideas about all-girl's catholic school because they aren't all the same. Anyway, I attended there from 2002 until 2013(graduation). Yeah eleven years.

How do you get inspiration? Do you have any crush? Boyfriend?
I find inspiration out of anything, mostly from my experience but sometimes on other's too. I try to look at the good in every bad and write about it. Mostly I focus on things that people barely notice. Crush? Hmmm. I have a few happy crushes of mine but I don't have a boyfriend. But I am in a relationship with (This Blog. How cheesy!)

Who is your celebrity crush? 
International: Johnny Depp (boy) and Megan Fox (girl). Local: LA Aguinaldo (boy) and Liza Soberano (girl). I have happy crushes at UST too but not AMVians (people in Accountancy).

If you could be someone for a day who would they be and why? 
Originally, I would answer Liza Soberano (because I wonder what would be like to be serenaded by a princey look, Enrique Gil) but I realized that it would be better if I'd be a superwoman like Candice Swanepoel for a day. I mean there are a lot of things to love about her (not just her statuesque height and tiny waist). Even being known as a VS Angel, her humility, kindness, love for fitness, and sexy-but-sweet energy really is what drives fans to love her... she really "kills" the runway. Plus, I like that she is engaged with her ten-year boyfriend, Hermann Nicoli... talk about #relationshipgoals

What’s your daily skincare routine? Do you wear makeup?
I don’t follow a certain routine but I see to it that I wash (Pond's) my face every night, moisturize (Clinique) twice daily, and exfoliate (Cure) weekly. I barely use makeup. But I fill in my eyebrows even at home to frame my face.  Rarely do I put makeup on my face but I admit that I own a collection (because makeup artistry is another of my hobbies.)

How often do you workout? Do you go to the gym? What is your workout routine? Do you have any sports?
Weekly. I’m so lazy that I just jog once or twice a week and at night (after class). I don’t go to the gym anymore since I have Saturday classes and Accounting is really getting into the way. My workout routine is usually cardio and toning exercises. I also dance and zumba! I am good at swimming, frisbee, and badminton. If sleeping counts as sport, then add that to the list!

Do you go on a diet?
I believe in portioning. I want to finish what is in my plate so I put a little amount of food. When I’m done, I’ll decide if I’ll take more. Usually I don’t take another plate, but I eat so often in a day. So I eat a lot, but I eat less.

What makes you special as a blogger?
In my college (UST-AMV College of Accountancy), being a blogger is one thing I'm proud of being known for. Usually, it's very difficult for AMVians to balance extra curricular with academics. I want to disagree with that practice because college is not always about studies. Being a writer-and-accountant is refreshing! Most bloggers come from the communications or arts school. It's time to break the stereotype!

What makes your blog special?
I know that there are a lot of bloggers having unique features at their blogs, and so do I. Being a Magazine Blogger entails that I must show the beauty of everyone else and in myself as well. It’s not everyday that you see fiction and non-fiction writing + modeling in one blog, right?

How do you see your blog in five years?
Improved. Hahaha. I guess by that time I have grown as a writer and model, and I have made strong connections with fellow bloggers too. ~I also deeply wish I inspired someone through my blog~

What is your active blog? You have a lot of blog accounts.

Blogspot is my main blog. Is strictly for my passion and interest. Wordpress is for my books or manuscripts. It’s not so active as my blogspot. I also use it to follow authors and fellow bloggers. At Wordpress, it is easier to get your works read by people than Blogspot. Tumblr is not active…I just use it to follow bloggers too. About.Me is my profile page and Journo Portfolio is to filter my best writings. I have press appearances in Candy, Cosmopolitan, CHALK magazine and Thought Catalog.

Do you have any tips for beginner bloggers?
Be rich in passion. If you love to write, photograph, model, express your talents and creativity then go ahead. Watch YouTube blog tutorial videos first before plunging into the BIG decision. Blogging needs dedication and commitment. People will flock you once they notice the effort you put into your blog. Blogging can change your life. I believe in the future, everyone will have their own blogs and while they are just starting you are already reaping the fruits of “success.”

Any additional things you want to share? Perhaps, some hidden talent/s you want to reveal?
Clearly I DON'T SING, but I can copy anyone's voice/s. Other than Filipino and English, I speak French, and a little bit of Korean and Spanish. Anyhow, I'm really open to learning new things. I love surprising people (with what I can do) so I guess "it's for me to know and you to find out." Thanks for supporting my blog by the way! It has been my pleasure to delight you with my weekly insights. Would you want to see more from me? Okay, all you have to do is to tune in with me every week! 

   Me ❤︎
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