Au Naturel

I was born this way baby. If you think I’m wrong, then there’s nothing else to prove but otherwise.

A lot of women do not feel confident about themselves because the society makes them think and feel that they are not enough. There is a built-in standard of beauty that every girl has to follow in order to be accepted.

In this holiday season, let us be merry by choosing who we really arespecial and beautiful in our own way. Let me share to you my un-photoshopped images that shows how being confident in ones own skin can be a step to contentment and happiness.

Wearing red is the start. Paint the town red with your own unique little red dress and own the streets like it is a runway. Do this not because you want attention, but because you can empower!

Acceptance to self is not easy. You can be mad with this standard the society mocks us girls everyday, or you could doubt on yourself everyday. Whichever you choose, blaming will not be the solution to anything. The road to self worth takes only one stepmindset. Feel and think confident today and tomorrow you will be happy all the way.

Have a Merry Christmas,
Michelle Tan

Location: Intramuros, Manila 
Photographer: Rica Mabelle Rosales
Models: Rica Mae Rosales and Michelle Tan

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  1. Merry Christmas dear! Your dress looked good on you!

  2. Hello dear! Your blog is fantastic!

    Maybe we could follow each other? If you'd like it please follow me on the both of my blogs :

    And let me know in the comments of my newest posts so I can follow you back!


    1. Hey Vildana! Thank you so much for the support... it really means a lot to me. Thank you, I like my new blog lay out too.

      Sure I'd also love to support your blog..


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