Why Date an AMVian


No more cheesy introductions. Let’s go to the point.

  1.  AMVians will do everything to make it balance

Take it from the master of debit and credit; they know the art of having all transactions equal. From the daily expenses they have to planning to own a savings account, they incorporate their knowledge to 1.) Be disciplined in their budget 2.) Make wise decisions whether they are capable of the job 3.) Be alert in careless or foolish decisions so they won’t ‘fall for it’.

  2.  AMVians make time for “special” things

You know you’re special to them when they make time for you. AMVians believe that “time is of the essence,” which means that time is more precious than money. They are busy, like everybody else. Most of them focus on their studies, hobbies, talents, and social life than “love life.” So if you’re lucky to score a date with one, ah what a catch!

  3.  AMVians pray everyday

The University of Santo Tomas chapel is opened from morning until the evening. Other than the security guard and Theology major are AMVians kneeling in front of the sacrament, praying for the impossible. Some are even reciting Hail Mary’s on the hallway around the fourth floor Multi-deck Car Park. Before they study, they pray. After they study, they pray. Before a quiz, they pray. After the quiz, they cry. Long story cut short, all AMVians are aware that God believes in them more than they believe in themselves; that’s why God entrusts them to many challenges.

  4.  AMVians are interesting creatures
When stereotypes of stereotypes would comment to AMVians, they’d say, “ah, these creatures are introverts. They don’t like socializing, don’t like partying, and they only stick to their books. Their sport is punching their calculators. Other than that, they join support group meetings to recite the Our Father.” Fact: AMVians are into sports, arts, culture, travelling, pageants, debate, writing, etc. Don’t be surprised, because we just want a fresher environment. You might say, “You must be that tired in your course,” but we say, “perhaps we just want to explore life with by shocking people about the things we do. The more, the merrier!” You’d be surprise that they can talk about anything under the sun, which makes you have “another thing in common” with the other.

  5.  AMVians strive for the best (Competent)
We don’t like to fail. We want to pass. Yet we don’t want what’s just enough. We love to see how far we can go through every challenge. We want to excel because we did our best, therefore we hope we get what we deserve. So if you found out that an AMVian is crushing on you or you scouted on the smartest but cutest AMVian, then ~wink wink~, you might be the best for them. Yet you have to strive to win their heart because like an AMVian, number 3 (pray for the impossible)!

  6.  AMVians are dedicated  (Committed) 
Loyal these creatures are except for wanting to see their professors in summer class for the same course. Only if you could see eye to eye how they plan resolve every issue they have (Plan A-Z, AA-ZZ, AAA-ZZZ) they will always be ready. They won’t leave a problem unanswered. They will not say ‘yes’ to defeat. “Di kami nauubusan ng diskarte” per se. As much as they can, they will make it work and make it happen… For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, until debarment do them part…or hopefully not!

  7.  AMVians are loving (Compassionate)
AMVians are a fan of music, food, books, love, etc. With their hardships in life, they incorporate #Hugot most of the time. Though people thing hugots are cheesy or overrated, I think that hugot is rooted from the wisdom through pain. When someone experienced something painful because of loving, then it becomes a relationship of any object with that memory. These people loved and cared so much; therefore they don’t deserve to be laughed at because there isn’t hilarious about it. 

Okay where did the subject go? Fine I’ll make it relatable. AMVians love to love: they don’t just want to be number one or the best at the things that they do but they also want their friends or partners to excel with them. They help each other through thick and thin. When they get separated with their loved one (sectioning, to make it less painful), their love becomes a memory which simple objects would remind them of how genuine they are to love and help someone.

Generally speaking, AMVians are awesome creatures. We are humans too but different at some ways; we are humans who have feelings—we have the desire to win, the responsibility to uphold our duties, the hopes and prayers of a normal person would have.

Michelle Tan

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