In-Campus Places to Avoid During a Zombie Outbreak

Just a Quick List for my dear SURVIVORS!

University of Santo Tomas is packed with every facilities that would maximize student's needs in and out academic life but NOT on an outbreak!

1. The Hospital 
A big mistake! Our natural instincts would want us to cure those in pain. Hospital is not the right place to go. Why? It's the walker's grocery store. Free brains, hearts, blood, and screaming fans. So if you want to be included to their "seek ye first" people-to-devour list then be their guest for dinner.

2. The Library
Silencio! In five minutes, would you imagine what world would it be if zombie outbreak began in the LIBRARY? NO. Here's the scenario. Deaf silence, great lighting, serious people reading. Suddenly you hear screams from one of the hidden shelves. People will say "SHHH" with added warnings from the librarian. Later, no librarian returns. The next librarian you see has a ripped blouse, with added blood drooling all over her body. People say "oooohhh is she okay?" People darted their eyes at her as everyone's attention switched to her. If you are somewhere there in the picture... run fast and hide to the next wise place.

3. The Museum
And now you prefer looking at dead skulls, dead animals, dead insects, nude paintings, and half-sculpted human body when you can almost see this out in the open area? Really?

4. The Cafeteria
Now is not the right time to eat. You may do so once you transform into a full-fledged zombie! Yet, I won't be in the picture... so bye.

5. The Parking lot
It's dark, it's spacious, it's dangerous! Although it's also one of the best places to gather supplies from any car owner's back door storage, I think that zombies also hide from underneath the car. And who knows what the next car has in store at their back door. A hungry zombie? Hmmmm, (Deal or No Deal Mode) Car Number 123 open the door please! 

6. The Main Building
There will be lockers, arm chairs, widely populated people. Now is not the time to settle your unbalanced fees. 

7. Open Places
Well, you might not die from being eaten by a horde of zombies, but you will definitely die out of stampede, rampage, people killing one another, and then be eaten by zombies. Soooooo what to do--AVOID the lawn, evacuate the grand stand, the football field, the Plaza Major or whatever.

8. Botanical Garden
It's not the perfect time to sight-see some bizarre plants! Don't be fooled by Plants vs. Zombies; you'll never find that perfect plant for you that will defend your place from being trespassed by walkers. So don't you dare find that rare ingredient that would slay walkers for you.

9. Medicine Building
NO, we don't have medicine for your open-wounded friend. NO, we're not going to stitch the sliced-open throat of your boyfriend too. But we're ~trying~ to invent remedies for the undead. 

10. The Auditorium
No one will play Shakespeare anymore; Now is not the perfect time to watch a great movie performed by your star-player-crush. Neither it is the moment where you should remake Hamlet, "to be or not to be," just because Hamlet has a skull in it. Invite your crush to watch the movies with you instead (a.k.a. slaying actual zombies. Every gamer's dream.) Yeah that is one movie To Die For!
In case you are wondering... there are skulls everywhere so go read Shakespeare as soon as there is a "safe" place to stay.
"Hamlet has a skull in it" (Daria, Cafe Disaffecto episode)

In short... the safest place to be during an apocalypse is a self-supporting tall-structured building that has medical, food, energy, water, clothing, ammunition, and book supplies. If you found the "holy land" make sure you have an equally trusting and trained troupe with you. If you're planning to procreate, do it with the hottie, not with a zombie!

Michelle Tan

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