7 Myths AMVians are Tired Being Associated With

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Other than these usual lines we hear from people are another seven myths I'll talk about today. I want to share with you how AMVians (Students from UST-AMV College of Accountancy) are grouped by stereotypes out there and by the culture we all have to deal with. 
University of Santo Tomas-Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy Logo

I'd like to tell you that there are many things we are tired of hearing from people who don't really know us but I generalized the list into seven (because they're all deadly.)

To all judgments... BRING IT ON!

WARNING: Abbreviations everywhere. Take note on each. 

1.  OH You Must Be Good at Math
        Whenever I get asked what my degree program is, I say BS Managerial Accounting (BSMA) and people would look with awe and reply, you must be good at math. Let me clarify to you, just because we carry our calculators 24/7 it does not mean we compute for the area of the next manhole or the average marginal cost whenever we add an extra hour when we study. Again, I believe all AMVians are gifted in many ways and we have all our reasons for pursuing BS Accountancy (BSA) or BS MA. It never came from the thought that oohhh I like math so Ill take this one! Nope. No one likes math even if they are really good at it and takes a program in accounting. And it's also not true that we have to take out our calcu from our pockets just to solve 80+1

2. What is AMV? 

AMV uniform
Source: UST-AMV ASC page
 Only a Thomasian would know that those in Mercury Drug uniforms are called AMVians. Dont believe me? Okay, check the list of names of one organization in UST that spells A.M.V. who does not enroll at the College of Accountancy and Ill give to five dollars. Alfredo M. Velayo (co founder of SyCip-Gorres Velayo & Co. ) became the first alumnus of the UST to be named after a college in the university. Since then it became our culture to classify ourselves as AMVians. 

Follow up Question: There are classrooms at the Car Park?

UST Multi-deck Car Park
Source: pinoys exchange website
Yes. We occupy the fourth floor. Yes, there is also food stalls at the second floor. Ill tour you so you wont get lost if you still have doubts about these myths.

Meaning to say, a group of college students called AMVians occupy the parking lot building? Odd!

3.  We ARE Capitalists and Profit-Minded Creeps of Accountancy. We only want this course because we want money! That’s why we only join organizations that are related with money!

For one I think this is funny. 
How could one think of the uncanny? 
Yay another poetry. See?  
Everyone Wants Money! 
AMVians join orgs that are catchy. 
Film, Martial Arts, Writing are those orgs for me 
That works for my hobbies, not just in accountancy. 
So if you think we are creeps that are less pretty 
Then we have the right to call you trashy 
AMVians are also talented and brainy 

Choosing the things that make them Happy.

4. Capital of GC’s
            I heard one person say to me, wow youre so organized! Thats why youre so smart. Hey there, Im O.C. (Obsessive-Compulsive) but that doesnt make me smart. I have a strong sense of achievement, which is why I keep track of every progress and feedback I get. On being Grade Conscious, yes I am. I still aspire to be Deans Lister. I dont know if being GC applies to every ~smart~ person but I know that we all have our different approach with our needs. Some have a strong sense of acceptance while others have a strong need for control. I already mentioned where I belong (sense of achievement) and Im proud about it.

Point is Basic logic. Not AMVians are GCs and Not all GCs are AMVians.

5.  BSA are smarter than BSMA

Who gave the misconception that BSA > BSMA gives emotional turmoil to everyone. We do not tolerate this culture at our college because we all have our differences in capacity, ability, and capability. We all have our own minds and we still persist on the things we want in life. To those who treat BSMA as barbaric ignorant and BSA as agents of God, then be my guest to the next candidate of trash can because there can be nothing less than those who talk garbage without having anything productive to do in their lives. Are you done?

6. No One Dates an AMVian

Because our social life is school, home, school, home. Some even say there are no cute guys and pretty girls at AMV. Say what? Fine, Ill keep it calm this time. Let me tell you that Ill be glad to say that just because we burry our noses on books and our hands only touch the calculator, it doesnt mean that we dont want to date anyone. Maybe we dont have time but we have the heart. And if you think that the only basis of being in an exclusive relationship is by becoming a visually flattering individual and then I dont think its love (more on for vanitys sake.) 

7. Our Only Goal is to Pass
Everyone has goals. Personally, I have a lot. One of which is to be really good at what I do while I foster my list of hobbies. Second, I believe Emma Watson is #GOALS. She finished her studies even though she is known of being a celebrity. She broke the stereotype of all stereotypes. Anyway, I believe that AMV has standards and a reputation to take care of. I know they mold their students to be professionals someday but I dont think they want them to pursue what is enough.

Every AMVian believes that they can achieve greatness by doing the best they can in everything they do. Its not just getting through the standards, but breaking the record from the standards. The point where it gets tricky is when the college standard is really hard to reach and why some people just want to pass a.) Not to get debarred b.) To go to the next level (if it is a prerequisite course or to the next semester) c.) To never see the professor d.) Not to get summer subject/not to get delayed for graduation e.) All that applies.  

Let me remind everyone that worth is not measured by grades; it is what you learn that makes you wiser and it is how you learn by your mistakes hones you to your better version. To Graduate at AMV is #GOALS

One perk I can say in being classified as AMVian, is pride and confidence. Some people are shocked that my hobbies are not aligned with the course I have applied in, but I say life is too short to become too predictable. I love being an AMVian because I belong in a culture where we are not just one thing; we might not know everything but we want learning from the things to make us prepared in the future.

Michelle Tan
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  2. The third point...T__T People who think that way deserve a neckchop! Just because accountants work close to money does it mean they are slaves to it. We are all professionals who earn income our own way. Aww.


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