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She wished to be beautiful, brave, clever, and kind.
She thought she is beautiful, brave, clever, and kind.
Until she became one.

She believed in love so much
That she saw good in every bad
Until there was none

She moved the earth with her smile
Without her desperately trying
To look for one man

Who will pursue her from the storm,
The lightning, the flood, the shake
And celebrate to the rise of sun?

Many admired her, but none pursued.
They went for someone with imperfections
"Happy crush" a prize she just won!

Nothing could equate
The reciprocated love compared
With a number of admirations
From none she wish
To see her future with.

Nothing could separate
The fact that she can conceal
Pain and happiness
When emotions show
To one person she really needs.

Like her, Ideal girls are perfect
Too hard to afford, too beautiful to reject
Fearing they don't deserve "the diamond"

People settle to admire
And then leave the object they do not own.
What can they have to deserve such ambition?

She has everything but a companion
For their biggest imperfection
Is to live in to endless wander alone.
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  1. This is so beautiful!! :) love your writing Michelle! :)

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