(In response to I Will Never Pursue You)

I see the way you look at me
and I like it.

Every moment passing by
When I know it is ours
and alone
it is mine.

I recognize the way you
would walk around the hall
just to reach to me.

Every crush I had had my heart beat faster.
Yours, I just skip the beats that meant
to be a different rhythm.

I see the way you pause for a while
Make ways to look at me
Even from afar
Even when we're near.
I love it
AND hate it.
I wish there was more.

But I won't do any additions for
I am glad to stay this way.
Where I get whatever you are giving me
this feeling
this ache
this unbeated heart.
I watch out for (the)
signs that you make those additions.

I might start to feel that I am growing up
But deep I am a child yearning to love
and be loved in return.

Sometimes I want it tomorrow.
But mostly I want it
And I want you now!

Yet, I don't want to pursue you.

I don't want to listen to your stories
and linger to the thoughts that I was behind all of it.
I don't want to get up every morning
and plan how I'd introduce myself to you.
I don't want to tell my kids someday
that the reason you fell for me is
because I was The One lucky girl
who revolved my world around you.
I don't want to email you, text you, 'like' you
because One day, who knows it might not mean anything to you.

But sometimes I wish to.
I wish that you tell me the story of how you fell for me
and how hard it was to introduce yourself to me.
I wish that you would anticipate each morning
defining how to put each other's happiness first.
I wish that you are praying for me
that I am your Only One
and that I am praying for you too.
I wish that you'd send me love letters
with or without occasion
even though people think it is cheesy or corny.

Because at the end of the day, we both believe
In Forever.

Most of all, I believe in true love.
Whether or not
you believe it's true
I wish I was the only one for you.

But remember that I might like you so much that deep inside
I am exploding with these thoughts...
Patience will take me there.
I won't care less how much my time
runs out
with patience I know there is something worthwhile
with patience, you become entitled to the things you earn.

Trust, love, hope, and faith
they all come together.
My way to pursue is to God
to pray to Him that He is
My Best Love
and He will give me an instrument
that will overflow me with His graces

It might be you
It might not be you.

I believe.


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    How I wish you love meeeeeee


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