Most people who witness death claimed that their entire life flashes before a supposed occurrence. In my case, I saw my death happen before it commence.

            Death. This train of thought, people try to avoid talking or thinking about because of the fear it brings them and how they cannot control the inevitable. Everyone is aware of the greater power that humans cannot manipulate; and it scares those who think they are not ready when it knocks at their doorstep.

            Death. Means end for all... or for most parts rather. Yet what do you call an encounter that kills you over again with greater damage every time it takes place? What happens when it's a vicious cycle that haunts your present and dominates the future? That no one knows for one, nothing can permanently damage a person that much without the consent of the mind and two, no one knows if that inevitable exists. Trauma is another term for death but it can be healed.
            Death is not the end but just the beginning. When you try to escape from it, you get wounded. Each wound is a reminder that you are a survivor. Although no one would appreciate its worth as much as you do because they never went to the road you have been through. Each wound might remind you of the pain and how it will always be there but it would also remind you how strong you are despite you thinking how hopeless a situation is.

            Death is not a goal. It is not a reminder of weakness, of age, and of being qualified for. It is not chosen. Death happens physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. When you have experienced trauma that could mean death to a person due to the mental and emotional torment it brings. But remember how life happens after death. Every deep and persecuting problem corresponds to a greater return of strength, wisdom, and esteem. You might begin cherishing those people you have took for granted, those who were there for you, the connection of events, and life itself. After death there is a strong bond between you and your past, connecting your encounters to a present that will result to a meaningful future...a legacy that you can revisit.

Culmination of thoughts:

            Basically, everyone's got his or her own interpretation from personal experience. I would say that I had a lot of downs in my life, but today I overcame my greatest fear -- to stop. It's okay to be hurt, to be damaged and scared. After all, everyone is scared. The thin line between those who show it and those who conceal it is acceptance. I personally tried to get rid of my scars, not knowing the wisdom and beauty over a story it has to share. It gave me shivers every time people comment about them. Then I realized that every one has their own scars. As I show my scar, I witnessed people who rejected me, betrayed me, over those who defended and stayed with me. Even when I tried to hide it, people are aware of the scars and there is no returning to the past. The latter brought me hope, strength and support that my trauma would give me an edge over those. Little by little, I experienced true peace, acceptance and love. I stopped thinking about criticisms and feel shameful of myself. Until today, while I am smiling over the bright sunny day, they complain about the scorching weather.

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