Love is a precious thing
That I hold to, darling.

Hate is a strong word
A blade to one's heart to hoard.

Forever, should you choose one
From birth to death, destined for man.

On one hand, I lived in a damn
Choose love and what's left to stand.

I  was born this way; a direction misunderstood flourished by those eyes that loves only the sight. My heart once was the titanium steel whose shield protects the soft core. Interrupted with thoughts of darkness, but had a glimpse of the light. How many times I told myself, that light does not have any shadow, therefore there is no room for darkness. No room for hatred.

Once I experienced a perpetual pet of hate, an endeavor of shame and mayhem. I abide my motion into seeking improvements, fixing my brokenness after all everyone's reflection is crooked at an angle one conceals. I show my imperfections, the way jealousy and envy would take a toll on its matter. In a manner a deep rage of anger will brag why the unchosen. None of these has won the trophy of misery but the queen of betrayal.

If one knows how to love, one is aware that hatred and indifference is out of the picture. The most hurtful thing anyone could feel is to be betrayed by the dearest one you loved and trust. You gave a part of yourself but as you turn almost forty-five degrees before reaching ninety, that person has shamed your dignity, your worth... In front of those who do not know you, judgements stream like water finding its way to drown someone as many flood it can create. But pain is just the beginning. Next is doubt. Ask yourself when it's wrong to love, who is wrong, what happened, why? Who deserved it the most? The answer is you deserved it the least, but with that strong heart, the further you will see.




Coincides as soon as forgiveness

Take place.

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