Seven Peso Ride

August 22, 2015, Metro Manila, Philippines at around four thirty pm with heavy dark clouds wrapping at the sky and strong winds blowing the horizon. At that time, I was sitting in the first row, second line from the left carefully listening at my accounting class when the microphone beeped and roared a knocking soundan announcement, All classes will be suspended by 4:30 in the afternoon. Thank you.

My block mates might have been complaining that since my class every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starts from one oclock to five pm, Damn, why suspend class when its thirty minutes to dismissal? Others were racing their lungs as they call it a weekend while their hands frantically clapped in the open. I glanced through the window and said to myself, this has been the first suspension of class in the semester while completely reminding myself that it is nearly impossible to cancel classes at the halls of AMV (College of Accountancy.) The professor was receptive to the message and said to the class, well we still have thirty minutes as he looked at everyone who packed their things on their bags.

Time was really fast when one of my classmates timer rang to state that it is four thirtyand you know what that means right? It means that I am scouting out everything I have in my bag in preparation for the UST pool, or the Manila Flood per se. Yet there is no pool yesterday, not a single puddle appeared at the ground area. My preparation was for nothing, I said to myself but not feeling guilty at all that I over packedslippers, flashlight, umbrella, biscuit, rain coat, plastic bags, medicine, water, chargers, etc.

While walking from the UST AMV College of Accountancy to the car park to Lacson Street, I told myself that I might be queuing for the LRT line for buying tickets. As I reached the jeepney routing from Lacson to Tayuman and Lardizibal area, I praised the Lord that there was a jeepney stand by waiting for passengers.
I have to say, it was one of the quickest ride to reach in Tayuman Station. When the jeep dropped by Tayuman, I briskly raced myself to the LRT staircase expecting a long line, but I was all wrong because I reached the ticket line immediately.

Flash forward, I arrived home safe. Honestly, yesterday was not the only suspension I prepped for; Prior to that, was an experience over a year ago that made me realize every worth a penny.

August 2014, who knows what date it was? For who could remember the day when the sky is showering you with heavy drizzle that could break your umbrella (or neck). That day, my accounting professor (not the same one that I was referring to a while ago, but yes it was a coincidence) was still lecturing us with Income Summary and Financial statement. I was a sophomore college last year when my different block was asking for more lectures even though it was an hour past the clock of the announcement of suspension. But the professor was really astounded with (fake) learners so he preached until the college security guard told us to leave the room. About time, you can say.

As I left the premises of our college, the building howled a strong awful stench from the drainage. The flood on the first floor was reaching peoples waist. I was horrified to hear the news with my friends. Oddly inconvenient to wear a skirt that day, I manage to walk my way through the crowd, stranded on the second floor. My friends were aiming to go home as soon as possible. When we got to the ground floor of the car park, boy I wish the news were wrong, but it was right but in not all areas though. We escaped in the opposite side of the said area with flood, but the flood was stalking us. On our way there, we screamed to see knee-length flood crashing to the doors as if it were the waves on the shore. Indeed and in sight of garbage and insects swimming on the flood, I wished that I never catch the bacteria wanting to land on anyone right there.

I passed from KFC, to the Lacson Area where everything is covered with water. Vehicles carrying impatient drivers and stranded passengers, and the division from the sidewalk is a runway for pedestrians to get across or through. The place, I cannot call a sanctuary. My friends waited for a jeepney in front of Donya Catalina Dormitory where all jeepneys used to call for passengers, but all jeepneys are loaded. That was our strategy, to get to Tayuman station by walking at the division of the street safely.

The longest and dirtiest walk I have ever taken so far. Right now, I could still recall how we hoped the cars affected the wave of the water whenever it shored at our feet. How the water entered inside the plastic wrapped on my knees. How my legs numb from the water and how icky the soil managed to stick from my bum when I slipped at the sidewalk. It was embarrassing riding at the LRT that time, but everyone wanted to arrive home safely, so no issues said. Some men managed to squeeze my bum but after holding the dirt from the soil, they saw how ridiculous that decision was.

Long story cut short, the seven peso fare from the jeepney I pay to get from Lacson to Tayuman station is quite long after all. To some it is an easy and fast route, but circumstances could play with anyones mindset.

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