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Adventure awaits each day that compasses. We make small choices that create an immense impact on the latter future. One of my latest tiny decision was choosing to visit Ocean Park over Hong Kong Disney Land. I weighed how I'd rather see my photos with animals all over the world (even if I fear them) than to immerse myself in unlimited rides that I have already experienced this summer and in that location (and other branches). I made the right choice after seeing myself painting the town with smile. 
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On August 2, 2015 at 32 degrees Celsius, I found myself fanning ferociously due to the scalding heat of the sun. There were rides at Ocean Park just like at Disney Land and in other themed parks. However, being there on that day was a miracle. The fact that I feared heights and animals made me love them more as I learned that I could accept their existence as a relevant part of the cycle in nature. My fear of heights or falling increased in terms of loving myself more. 

Esteemed with limited photos, I am proud to present you my outfit!

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What I love about this outfit is that it can match your sports event attire, a spontaneous mountain hike, or a day at the zoo! You can wear this with baseball hat without worrying that your skirt will wind up for the people to see; but when it does, it will blow up in an umbrella shaped flannel, so it will not be worth your woes. This get up is boyish, rooting from the adventurous side of guys but not diminishing the feminine factor of a dress. 






Photos by: Joan Beatrice Tan
Black Dress by: Giordano
Shoes by: Marks and Spencer
Location: Ocean Park, Aberdeen Hong Kong

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  1. I like how you made your choice, it's really good to try and experience something new ;)

  2. Go hug that Panda!

    -Don Quixote


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