Girl on Cotton

Slip yourself in cotton fabric and you'll the instant ambience of having comfort right on your skin. This is why I love wearing them, other than the fact that they can be very versatile in public and public wear. 

As suspected, my unpredictability caused me to travel on another side of the earth because #TamiTravels is not over yet. This week and next week, my feature will be all about the beautiful Tourist-friendly city, Hong Kong! When travelling, it is a must to be prepped in having clothes that would be accepted by the dress code, and you can also wear in the hotel if one decides to stay. With my busy schedule, I still have to feel confident about myself as I believe to attract positive energy from outside my country. Dressing up ceases the worry from looking good and feeling good in both ways. Now I am camera ready and happy to tell you the perks of this get up.

Wear this combo in any travel occasion you prefer: Bus tour, Walk around the park, fishing with dad, cozy afternoon at the hotel, or a nice stroll around town. Get this look and you'll feel breezy and warm without feeling haggard and heavy when traveling. 

You can add a pastel fedora hat and a plain back pack if needed. 

I swear, it was the wind whipping my hair. Not haggard. 

Walk with me?

Photos by: Joan Beatrice Tan
Tank Top and Shorts by: Uni Qlo
Shoes by: Marks and Spencer
Location: Tung Chung, Hong Kong

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