Footnote to Students

~To everyone who dreams to become their dreams~

            Perhaps I shall start in saluting you for reaching this far from your education. Not everyone is granted the opportunity to realize how vital to one's growth it is to finish or pursue one's studies. One way a person can see one's full potential is through education.

            You should be celebrating because you are entitled to reaching your dreams in becoming the person you want to be. Everyday is an investment to your future profession and knowledge that you will use to serve people. Everyday is a day you will hone your skills to become an agent of hope for those who aspire to be you, the way you aspire to be someone too. Everyday is another chance to be friends, make connections, communicate your thoughts to spiritually and socially guide you in the right direction. Everyday seems like a routine, but it is not. It gets more challenging; and they expect you to be clever.

            Each day is a promise to give you the goal that you want to reach, but achieving it requires strategy. For each day will pass spontaneously. Some will throw burdens, some might demand for their subject to be a priority, some would be lax but expects you to know what to get or what to be aware of. Others won't say a thing until you discovered their secret. Many of these factors mentioned and yet uncovered will either motivate you to accomplish certain things or otherwise, give up. The latter should not be an option because the system wants to test you how far you can go; they want to see how well you deserve it. They are aware what you are after but will not tell you what's in it after every accomplished designed trial. A reward, but it won't be a lasting feeling but it will give you a glimpse of confidence of what is like having your degree... or your dream profession. Lastly, you have heard the tip "balance your time well" a lot of times, but my best version says, "balance your energy" instead. I guarantee that you will maximize your learning much more this way than the former myth.

Additional notes (if you want to get motivated):

            I will tell you a secret. Every time I detect how heavy the load I am carrying is (my backpack to be exact or academic load), I pretend that it is my wings that would help me soar high someday and everyday onwards. It is like I am a Victoria's Secret model with beautiful wings at my back. Of course, at the moment, my so-called burden is my investment under formation. It is why I think that no matter how heavy my load is or how much it weighs me down, with optimism I realize that it will help me stand up and somehow pull me upwards when my wings have already reached its full potential. That way, I can bring out the best beautiful and inspiring version of myself.

You can do it! Good luck <3
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