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            I jumped at the edge of my seat when I found out that Jack Black is starring on a new Goosebumps film that will be showed this October. Brief back ground, Goosebumps is a book series written by R.L. Stine and based a t.v. series from 1995 to 1998. When I was six years old in the year 2002, I was not an avid fan of horror movies, stories, clips, videos, encounters, etc but I was a magnet of such. Grown ups tried to scare me, TV aired Child's Play movie series, bookstores display mystery and thriller novels, and personal ghost encounters everywhere. When I was switching the channel one time, I was halted at FOX channel and paused for the creepy Night of The Living Dummy episode where there was a remarkable close up with Slappy the Dummy. Since then, I got hooked in horror. I hoarded almost all Goosebumps book series I can name and I also watched the channel every week. I am aware that not all of you prefer horror and are aware of The Goosebumps book and TV series. Some of you might also love it, since it might be also a part of your childhood and such. This is why I am giving you five things I learned from my child past time.

PS. Some of these are my thoughts when I was a child as well, and I tried to recall some events where I was thinking of the same train of thought for almost a decade ago.

1. Some Parents Do Not Trust Their Children.
            Not because they think their children are crazy but because their stories are "too hard to believe." This is the main dilemma of almost all Goosebumps story plot. Children encounter peculiar events that reality makes it impossible to happen. Exhibit A: Night of the Living Dummy: When the main character, Amy, tells everyone that the Dummy moves, her parents and siblings did not believe her. It was until Slappy the Dummy eventually revealed himself moving beyond human control that lead the others to believe; but of course, it was too late. Exhibit B: Welcome to Dead House. When the lead character (Amanda), tells everyone about her nightmares, odd behavior of the town, and some theories why their house is the only one built in the middle of the woods, her parents forced her to accept the reality that they are not going back to their old house and that her nightmares are crazy.

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2. Siblings Can Be Annoying
            In the end, they will be the main character's ally/ies. Remember the story, One Day at Horror Land, where the main character (Lizzie Morris) already sensed danger but her younger brother (Luke) insisted to go for another ride to their death? Or the time when Carly Beth in The Haunted Mask had a younger brother who constantly insisted to borrow the mask? Yeah. However not all from the series can have this item applicable for.

3. Not all Life Adventures are Worth Risking For
            Everybody agrees that experience is the best teacher. It will be the source of your wisdom and guide to the up coming obstacles to face. However, not all obstacles have their way out because some have a one-way dead end pass ticket. If this happen, all your accumulated risk and hardships in life will be put into dump or to someone else's stomach.

4. There is NO Place Called Safe
            Perfect School, Phantom of the Auditorium, Go Eat Worms, Piano Lessons Can Be Murder, Say Cheese and Die 2, etc are just given examples that your school is not safe. The Werewolf of Fever Camp, Welcome to Camp Nightmare, Deep Trouble are on my list of Deserted Places ARE "Definitely Not Safe". Your home might not be a great place to hide as Stay Out of The Basement, Revenge of Lawn Gnomes, Night of The Living Dummy explains.

5. The Naked Eye Can't See Everything
            My Best Friend is Invisible is an obvious dead giveaway! What about the hardly noticed ones? Don't Go to Sleep, An Old Story, The Cuckoo Clock of Doom, and The House of No Return are stories that remind us that some events are unpredictable. Scarecrow Walks at Midnight, The Girl who Cried Monster, Vampire Breath, Werewolf Skin, and Attack of The Mutant are stories that mention that something exists that science and faith may or may not explain. No matter what the plot is, let us be aware that there are living creatures, stories, and mayhem beyond our comprehension. There are things that are bigger and smaller than us, there are things we can and cannot explain. All that is left are questions unanswered. The key is to become open and alert to these things or else someone gets defeated.
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            Honestly, I learned a lot from Goosebumps. I have a list of it but we have no time to discuss it and I also mentioned the majority and most popular among of Goosebumps. When you have decided to watch the film this October, please tell me, I'd be happy to know if you can relate to those stories or in this list or if this list has helped you.

            Until next week.

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