Day at USJ (Universal Studios Japan)

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       We all came from different walks of life but everyone would admit that they have had a childhood or two. Mine is a cherished one-- hand-me-down toys, story books or story telling, fairy tales, reciting nursery rhymes, sleeping time, playing outdoor games or board games, playing with my deck of cards, sibling bonding, and visiting theme parks. My first theme park was on Enchanted Kingdom when I was three and then last visited a year later. My next was Disneyland and Universal Studios at California. Star City in the Philippines, and some I can't remember. My last was remarkable--Universal Studios in Japan (USJ).


You are stepping into USC! Proceed with Caution!

      Unlike in California where there is a tour train, in Japan there is none. However, Harry Potter's the most sought after sight in Japan, if not in London and yet in L.A. Honestly, my twin sister (Joan) and I were lusting for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was a dream come true to eye on the magnificent place, The Universal City as it played classic Elvis music and forties jam. The place is welcoming, even for adults, not only for the vintage exhibition of Hard Rock Cafe, Coca Cola and King Kong Billboards but also because everyone felt like they are in a place outside of a book. A place where their parents, grand parents, history teachers were talking about once when they were kids. Universal City brought the classic parts of history into reality. 

       The most accessible way to go there for tourist is via train (JR Train) and transportation cost depends on where you are coming from. As soon as we got there (Universal City, not yet the park), we craved for having our pictures taken in every amazing angle there was--everything! It was around 8:25 am when we got there, the park opens in an hour later, so we bought EXPRESS PASSES and the park pass itself. The EXPRESS PASS is a VIP pass meant for those who do not want to line up and just ride immediately. We bought the EXPRESS 5, wherein we have to choose five rides around the park to use without waiting in line and one Harry Potter ride. Additional charges are worth it if you are not willing to lose your time and energy while waiting for your ride.

       Our experience is now history. I'll be glad to share to you a sneak peek of the amazing Universal Studios in participation with Joan Tan Photography. Enjoy!

Take a spin around the globe and say, "Atlas, Earth in my Hands!"

Enrolled at Hogwarts School of Wizarding and Witchcraft. Here are my classmates and together, we made it top of the class!

Grab Taxi



Ah, such a classy era

Photos by: Joan Beatrice Tan
Plaid Top by Huff Manila
Tight Jeggings by Uni Qlo
Shoes by Converse
Location: Universal City, Universal Studios (Japan)

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  1. Ang ganda!!! Sama mo ako next time please

  2. I enjoyed viewing your great photos. I guess you had lots of fun.


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