5 Types of Tamad and How to Overcome it

            Everyone has those days when they prefer dosing off their responsibilities than starting them. It’s not that we don’t care, but because we needed our time off from our usual lifestyle. There are certain conditions that may temporarily slow us down from our goals. At some point everyone claims to be tamad (lazy in Filipino). Whether in doing homework, taking a bath, redeveloping a blog, it varies from every culture and scenario. Treatment can scale from immediate to permanent.

1. Ms. Ignorant
Perfect example: A ‘Don’t-Know-Don’t-Care’ person

The stitch: She has no or lacks objectivity and direction. Without any clue of what her duties and responsibilities are, she chooses not to know them for two reasons. First is the fear of the inevitable knowledge of bad judgments from other people, echoing inside her. Second is her insecurity that she might not make it or completed the task.

The solution: Ask for help. You’d be surprised to know that many are willing to stop just to give you a hand because people are inclined to helping. Don’t mind the judgments or the fear of getting laughed at when you seem illiterate. That mindset is preposterous. You should know that smart people ask intelligent questions. And by intelligent, I meant relevant. You’d be surprised that the person who once was invisible is now an icon with just a glance at the mirror. 

2. King Procrastination
Perfect example: The Gamer Cousin

The stitch: By the power vested in him, he chooses to do others over real priorities. His mantra, “I can do it later, not now I have other jobs to do.” Like a king, he knows his duties well, can visualize any project ahead but has a different priority in life. He thinks he has control of any situation, but when reality strikes, it’s bad to back out. Check and mate!

The solution: This one loves routines, so break it! Instead of the usual “6-day comfort, 1-day cram”, why not “6-day work 1-day relax”? In the first hour you clean your desk. Next you can throw away unnecessary things and make a yard sale for all the extras you don’t need. Do something spontaneous and see where it leads you—making others and yourself happy. After all, Kings work hard for the best because they deserve the best, don’t they? Think about all the benefits of making a difference: people will follow you, everyone admires you, and most of all you’d think ‘it’s best to be me!’

3. Prince Chillaxed 
Perfect example: Your classmate who sleeps all day, but gets an A

The stitch: A descendant of King Procrastinator, The Prince turned from Charming to Chillaxed (chill and relaxed). Like the King, he has all the ideas, skills, and knowledge to do the task but he lacks willpower and initiative. He who loves comfort shall choose six days of comfort and one day of ultimate comfort. He’d rather bask in the ambience of relaxation than do the task. 

The solutionPunish yourself every time you relax. Say, take away the time for your next relaxation if you decided to chill again today, or ask your trusted friend to change your WiFi password so you would stop gaming and start doing ahead. Also, instead of thinking about your horizontal attachment with gravity, why not help your classmates to get their aces too? You can finalize your “already okay notes” or teach them how to calculate for Advanced Trigonometry. When you help others excel, you have back up in any case in your life like Prince have with their Knights. 

4. The Royal Coaster
Perfect example: The blogger of Scream of Silence

The stitch: When seasonal sloth-athon hits you, there is no escape and your only choice is to succumb. Whether it’s midyear, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or every evening, your body screams for rest and your mind tells you to do it later. Are you sick? Technically not diseased, but depending on what your culture illness is, I think you are in deep trouble of needing to lay it down for a minute or two.

The solution: Unlike number 2, you have to ‘stick to the routine.’ When I first had this blog, I have no definite schedule when to post, what to write, how to manage. When I finally decided to have it weekly, all the good alternatives came. I saw the benefits of following a strict schedule because in turn I became disciplined. If the case is helpless, I suggest you to rest for a while and do all the leisure you can. When you’re through, make sure you start pronto.

5. Mr. Excuses
Perfect example: Tom Sawyer

The stitch: Someone else can do it for me. And by the way, “it’s the (insert 100 +1 reasons why not to do the task) why I never completed the task.” The universal slug, if I may call. Unlike anyone mentioned before, this person prefers not to do the task at all. This person you should stay away from because he either has no idea how to do the task, or outsmarts everyone to do the task for him. He also has the best will to practice potential energy. If you give him all the reasons why he should do it, he’ll rebut you with a plus one reason not to.

The solution: Reward yourself! People are motivated when they know they’ll win, get the prize, be recognized, etc. Use your outsmarting abilities in improving yourself over making clever tricks out others. Always tell yourself what you are capable of doing, carryout your duties, and reap the rewards later. Pass the credit to those who also helped you do the job. Say, “I am stronger than my excuses!” and be that person!

Get Rid of Lazy Town
Ö      Be Inspired
Ö      Have Goals
Ö      Visualize Yourself Succeed
Ö      Stay Healthy All Throughout 
Ö      Hard Work > Pleasure
Ö     Remind Yourself What You are Capable of

Optimism. People tend to be tamad when they forget to stay positive. When in the verge of losing hope, I suggest you to take a deep breath and look back to where you were. Look how far you have been; notice how you already started the job and how people supported you to win the task. Say to yourself that you are one step closer to living the dream. 

Always be thankful. You are a privileged person to have the time for your own when others barely have it. Show to them that when you are taking a break, you are taking the oath of ‘meaningful retreat’ once in a while. Plus you have resources all over you, use them wisely for the overall benefit. 

Count your blessings. There are a hundred reasons why you should smile. One is that your leader to delegate this task to you because they believe in you. Two is you are still here. 

Good Luck!

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