19 Things I Care About at 19

1. My Hygiene
            Not that I never cared about it in the past, but at this point I have to stick to the routine and products that are good for me. Also, some products are effective ten years ago that aren’t anymore.

2. My Education over Social Life
            My cousins, block mates, org mates say that I’m so ‘boring’ because I spend 2/3 of my school hours at the library reading, advance studying, solving, doing research and homework. Yet I don’t take their advice to ‘socialize’ much. First is that I’d be happy to be acquainted but not friends with everyone at the metro. Second, these people won’t be feeding me with Pepperoni Pizza, Popcorn, Adobong Manok, or whenever my cravings start pouring my mood. Third all the Ace are worth it.

3. How to Save or make money grow
            Blowing Cash to whatever there is, is a bad idea. Of course, I loved saving 30% of my allowance, so I keep another wallet to store in my stash. Bad news is, inflation. What I did was to open a new bank account and never open it for five years. I also plan to grow my own corporation someday, who knows I might be the next Tan who’d walk the fame after Lucio?

4. What to Spend my Money for
            I had this ‘big decision’ with buying “Candy Magazine” or not at my teen years. For over four years, I’ve been hoarding their magazine monthly, and I wondered if every penny was worth it. Of course, when the moment came I finally decided to stop due to “tossing these pages at the dump with a thumbs down”, every penny I usually spent for it, I bought for food or saved it for something else.

5. Self - Esteem (and Total Well-Being)
            There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being able to know what looks good on me or what I’m worth. Of course, having the confidence to make each day the very best I can do results to minimal regrets in the future. Being also healthy inside-out would ensure the best way to making life happen.

6. Cutting Ties
            In life, it is important to let go of those people who affect you negatively. I’ve been running away from these people all my life, but they keep on chasing me. All what it took me to do to put an end on it was to say ‘no.’ Saying no does not connote to being “kill joy” or rejecting the opportunity to shower you, but to wait to say ‘yes’ for the best thing to happen to you or making a choice of what is best for you. After all, not everything is good for everyone. There must be something that matches your worth.

7. Keeping Strings Attached
            I am incredibly in love with the people who ‘see’ and appreciate my worth as a person. That no matter what bad or good decision I make, they’d still want to sit down and drink hot chocolate with me. I see to it that I say thank you to these people and ‘date’ them every now and then, say positive things I love about them.

8. Being Independent
            I am already known as the Single Woman, a person who is not afraid to walk the hallways unaccompanied, a person who knows how to handle herself with or without anyone’s opinions. Although, I have to admit that I have a lot of things to learn, being independent makes me feel prepared and confident that I can be alone, but not at all lonely.

9. Being Honest with my Needs
            … but of course, there is nothing wrong in asking for help. I want to say that I can only do so much that I also need the help of others. I should not be afraid to ask others but be afraid if I made another regret of letting my pride get in the way. Plus, there is this fact that says “Human beings are ‘plugged’ to helping others. It makes them feel more superior than the other because they know something that the other doesn’t.”

10. Being Prepped on Unexpected Occasions
            Having my plans cancelled due to surprised reality is a make or break. I have to have Plan B, Plan C, Alternate Plans, or better yet, a solution to Plan A. Life can be spontaneous, sometimes you have to do things impromptu.

11. Abolish Trash
            ‘But I look good in this selfie’, ‘But this is the book I bought at Happy Bookstore’, ‘But this is the makeup my ninang gave me.’ A lot of buts can make our life bulkier. Did you post that selfie on FB, IG, Twitter? Delete! Does your cousin need that book for his Thesis more than your bookshelf needs to hold another space for it? Lend. Has your makeup been there for a decade on your pouch? Throw. Now it’s your time to do it on the ‘unhealthy people’ in your life. I know that letting go is never easy, but is keeping them worth more than it adding up to your load?

12. Jobs, Hobbies, Leisure

            The pressure to make final decisions at an instant… Big decisions that would greatly affect zi futur. Consider many factors before jumping into the big yes to that job opening. Keep your hobbies intact to your life.

13. Making Every Decision Count
            In Real Life, there is no take two! There is no undo, there is no rewind and redo, there is just ‘now’! Whether it is choosing to buy pizza over pasta over cooking dinner, to analyzing the pro’s and con’s of transferring to another university, house, or dormitory, weighing down your options can be boring but it will be worth every mental killing action your brain has to go through before you make another decision. Time is your number one treasure in life. So make each second count and make them worth it.

14. Trust Issue is an Issue
            When people see you sad and ask, ‘dude what’s wrong with you? You can tell me anything. You can trust me.’ Hold on there partner we’re not close! Trust is an issue. People ask me why I have trust issues with everyone. Of course, I don’t want to open up with the ‘wrong’ people, and I don’t like my life to be their number one priority. Trust is an issue for me because not everyone can have an access in my life. They might be bitter that they cannot be ever aware of my private life, but I think it’s fair as square that I also don’t have theirs.

15. Having a Life Plan
            I have a ridiculous ‘dream board’ hanging in my room that keeps me hopeful and hardworking for my goals in life. It doesn’t have to be outlined or detailed like your book report but having one makes you create a path to what you want to be and make your way to it in varied options that will come your way.

16. Defense
            The world is good, but there is evil. I cannot be meek around the streets and vow everyone to be kind to me so I’d shower them with my smile. There are things in life we cannot control, and these are the things we let it happen to us. The only thing that we can control is oneself. Time will come that I must know how to fight back because I wouldn’t be always the kid who lets everything happen, bad thing includes the whole package.

17. Keeping My Head Above Water
            Every one wants to be happy. Admit it or not, our idea of happiness is the happiness we had in mind. Having a blissful day is one in our list. Now, it’s not everyday that we have good days; most of the time, it’s not even perfect, and to the point that it wins “worst day ever” prize. It happens to everyone, we’re human. What is vital is that we manage things through in spite of difficulty.

18. Sticking to My Ground
            Being young means I have so any plans, goals, and ambitions in life. Sometimes I am rewarded by a little or many achievements and prizes, to inspire me to move forward for these goals I have. But of course, I have to be humble with myself because even if I have had been recognized or won something else, I haven’t gained what I am entitled for. Even if I will someday, it would be a motivation and inspiration to others if I keep my feet on the ground.

19. Having Faith
            I have strong faith in God, in my loved ones and in myself. No matter how difficult life is and I wanted to reverse everything I believed in, these encounters are just a reminder of who are those loving people who’d be standing and applauding for me when I get into my hopes, someday. Having my faith in God does not mean that I am religiously devoted at him 24/7, but trusting Him that He has the best plan for me in my life, that He will reward me the best graces, and shower me with blessings. I don’t have to be vengeful for the wrong people, but to pray for them that they’ll appreciate what I have in God. I pray that they also stop making crappy decisions and look forward to holding God’s hand to righteousness.


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  1. Really helpful. I just don't know why Thought Catalog stopped publishing your works. You really have commendable articles that are ~~~wayyyyy~~~ better than those trashy ones they post ATM. Hope to see your amazing face, works, features, and you!

    -The Little Prince


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