Why I Prefer Not to say 'I Love You' Out Loud

Simple as a song, "at least out loud, I won't say I am in love... or that I love you." Or wait for my explanations:

1. I don't want to creep people out; 
Exhibit A: "I love you. I love you. I love you." I see your eyes widen in disgust. 

2. People must "earn" it
I want "worthy" people to be motivated to gain my loyalty and love in the long run. If proven, then my trust is guaranteed.

3. I want sincerity to be the implied meaning of it, not obligation.
Do not force the moment that is not born to be there. If you create something via force, the greater the possibility you'll lose the momentum... In normal speak: it takes the right place, right moment, right emotions, right person to say it. 

4. I'd want those I tell these words to feel more remarkable because I rarely say it;
Three words: The Only Exception. 

5. The underlying fear of rejection; 
I want the humiliation (the need to say it out of the blue) to be worth it if s/he feels the same way. What are you gonna say about that? 

6. I'd rather show than say it;
See the 

7. Hard Truth, I want you to say it first;
In a way, that's how I know that you are invested. Call me old fashioned, but I like guys pursuing me versus Letting My Heart on the Sleeve; Mantra "mystery is appealing." I enjoy being sexy, making them wait until they wanted to almost tear their hair out in "figuring me out." 

They say infatuation is poison. Sometimes, I believe in that saying to the point that I become too frightened to let myself open up. Don't blame me, though, I've been too hurt in every heartbreak to the point that the only tears I want to experience thereafter is about happiness. I'm too guarded by my past experiences that I make sure every bit of my decision is worth it, therefore special.
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  1. I can relate to it!!! PLEASE WRITE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE, Miss Accountancy


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