Things to do Without the Internet (that does not too require much spending)

I am honestly not an avid fan of social media but then this century forces the generation of all nation to become much more involved in the virtual world called world wide web. Put the blame on humanity wanting to "make life easier" so much that they made everything at the touch of our fingertips. Sometimes to the point that we simply lock ourselves on the four walls of our private homes and discover things by our laptops or smartphones. And you are still convinced that it's fun to do it because it everyone is involved in it, therefore Internet is Hip?

To be honest, I still wonder what fun it could be going outside and exploring the real world instead of being exposed in radiation slash sports-in-articles, slash photos-in-mega-pixels, slash-twitter-rants-in-MEGA-ROARING-CAPITALS, slash ads-as-screensaver, slash-snapchat-of-Zac-Efron-or-his-Abs, slash what-internet-gives-you-dot-com. Of course, the internet may also provide things at our expense, such as report-via-google, or recipe dot com, or homework help now... Nothing wrong with it as long as they help you not become less smarter than you are prior to your smartphone usage, prior to your computer advantages and everything else exactly. 

Have you ever considered what it is also like to be out there and haunt for your adventure yourself? Well, I will shut up now and show you my flash cards why the heck I am usually offline, regarding in updating my blog per se; Here are real activities you should consider before hitting that X button: 

P.S. To programmers, please don't hate me by shutting down this blog; I just want people to experience life before they update their online status. You guys might want to try any or all of these. 

1. Paint your room. Because your lavender walls need to have brand new companion...Hello blue ink!

2. Cut out photos on your magazine to help you make your own Photo Album. Facebook is forever, claims Facebook, claimed by Friendster, MySpace, Multiply, and others who said goodbye.

3. Update your Playlist. You may even want to rearrange your CD records by the age or milestone you got really influenced by them instead of the ol' alphabetically arranged CD Shelf.

4. Learn a new language. Bonjour. It's bung zhuhr not bawn jur. I keep myself really occupied by learning French every night. Since then, I never sang Lady Marmalade out loud (see chorus translation [or not]) ... also because I want to be French magnet: French fries, French toast, French boys. Oui, mademoiselle!  

5. Finish reading a novel or two or three. Keep the list growing. I make sure I read at least one book or novel per month. Inner nerd alert! Well, since it's summer break, I read three books per week. 

6. Watch the news. It will really save your life

7. Shake it off! Feeling really stressed? Go to the gym, or invite a friend to run with you at the village park. Fresh air, good sunlight, instant good vibes!

8. Get a hair cut. Hope that you'll be happy by the surprise of your new look. Plus, what better way to hug yourself than knowing that you were brave to take the risk?

9. Make ice cream. Or cake, pizza, spaghetti, or make a potluck with your friends. 

10. Do your groceries. Five words--your parents will thank you. Make sure that you are full before heading the food section.

11. Explore the entire town. Talk to the ice cream man at the University of Santo Tomas. I was surprised to know that he was a Pharmacy Graduate at the university. He just wants to take the sideline to make college students "happy." I also learned to commute around Manila, so I learned the routes, short cuts, just in case I get lost, I know how to handle that situation. NBD. 

12. Tour around the city. My ideal date is actually to visit a museum around Manila, because believe me there are a bunch of stuff. Plus, I like the feeling of expressing my love for art and appreciating them by having a cool bunch of people with me.

13. Spend money by pampering yourself. Go for that package deal massage treatment so that you will love it so much that you will want to hibernate the entire year.

14. Earn money by selling. You have your talents: gardening, car washing, making bracelets, baking. You may go deeper to your inner dreams by being a florist, interning on a music festival, signing up a book club or workshop. The list is endless.

15. Try on a new product. Of course you trust your Japanese cleanser, Japanese lotion, Japanese lipstick, Japanese Shampoo and Conditioner... But you might want to try your parent's Canadian moisturizer. It might work for you, just ask permission before using and follow instructions.

16. Enroll on a self defense class. Your uncle was a Martial Artist or whatever you call them? Yup. He'll be happy to share his insights. Break a leg (not literally!)

17. Go to camp. Meet people, discover yourself, lots of team building, lose a lot of calories, win that happy spirit hiding in you.

18. There is that free trial sewing class you were talking about. Go forth babe.

19. Invite your old friend for coffee. By old I mean, someone from the past. S/he'll appreciate a hi or hello. Or Go On a Date with your S.O. 

20. PLAY BOARD or Card Games with your family, friends, loved ones. You know the classics: chess, Monopoly, Game of Life, Checkers... 

21.Talk to strangers. But be guarded by yourself. I trust that you know how to listen to your instincts. 

22. Make a love letter for your loved ones. Tell them how much you love and appreciate them or how angry you were when they left trash in your room. Whatever works for you... (I do this all the time)

23. Spritz some perfume in your room or around the house and then leave the house, leave your phone. Let your family members miss you. Do something crazy once that they will forget how normal you were. 

24. Pillow fight! Your housemates missed you so much after you spritz that perfume of yours all over your house and then ran away from your house... who's that mangy beast who advised you to ran away anyway? They'll clean up...eventually, have fun. 

25. Memorize a prayer (by heart). Whether it's the prayer of serenity, to the prayer before study, to Our Father, to Angel of God, to the prayer that frees 1000 souls in purgatory, to your own personal prayer, do this NOW because you know that you came from a higher being and you should thank Him for giving you unlimited chances. 

There is a list out there that you can do. They're really fun! Once you started getting out of your usual comfort zone with your exclusive relationship with the Internet, you'll realize that there is a better world out there. Who knows, you might influence your neighbor or two, in leaving their computer stations every once in a while. Life is what happens when you are busy updating your status. You'll see. 
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