The Hit Replay

            Heart beats in the tune of my favorite EDM track; after clicking 'Add to Favorites.' Martin Garrix, a real talent on his own music... I feel the electrolyte gush in my blood and empower signals on my nerves. The adrenaline rises and lingers through my skin. I bang my head in sideways as my lips trace a familiar curve of enjoyment. I click unloop in Proxy leading that trail of thought in one significant morning.

            That was the day I felt strong, immune, and dangerously irresistible. I met you on the day I particularly wished for. The night before, I spent the entire evening wishing for a heartbreak remedy during that time; that hopefully the next day, I'd meet The One. There you go the next day! I don't want to assume he was you. Going back today, I hit rewind to the track on my iPad and stared on that word "Favorite."

            I wish we could be a perpetual replay of perfection, the way this track is to me. Dancing to every beat and letting myself lock in the ambience of the complimenting symphony. It's like how anyone loves to run faster to the point that the heart wants to give up, to combust in the painful palpitation. Yet they still want to keep up with the speed, because if they stopped, it's over. I'm drugged, perhaps. I am high, cloud nine.

            You are this track--my favorite! I love to listen and live in the moment you play your tune; But every replay feels different even if they play the same way. I miss how you looked at me from afar as I pretend to not notice you. That day, I remembered my prayer the night before and wished for the denial spell. Who knew I'd fall for that trail of thought. Thank me for that prayer now that you think that I am so into you like this track you are playing in YouTube right now, and if you are reading this... or thank your nose, the one I dig into my computer and just stare on that photo with your exgirlfriend. I remember you said, "I was better than her" but to what proof do I owe that claim?
            I hit replay once again. What kind of spell did you cast on me? What kind of spell did I cast to myself? A taste of my own medicine, per se; that day I remembered how you said you will always remember me. You studied me like a Religion you'd want to worship until the end of forever. But where are you now? Why have you disappeared?

            I hate how I am supposed to hate this song now because it's been over my head for the entire day. I hate how I eternally press replay. I could get sick but want more at the same ironic time. I hate how you both got into my head like a priority instead of whatever.

            I love how this track is like you. Nothing special at first; in fact, very ordinary, predictable, and lame! On the twist of everything, you have a great ending that shoots me like comet and gravitate on the Earthly planet you made and wished for. Your ending is a shocking addiction that will always succumb me to rewind and remember the good times. That day, I could've changed it: unmet you, so I would not even associate you with my favorite music. I stare at the screen and I clicked 'Delete to favorites' and still feel regretful for doing that move, even if you were the only one on my list. After all this none sense conundrum, I confess that I truly and still miss the hell out of you and hit rewind the hell out of me. This music is magic. As magical as the spell that binds us together. I don't believe in magic just because it does not exist (at least anymore).

            Heart beats in the tunes of the EDM track. Electrolytes carry adrenalin in my blood one last time. I dance into the music until the blast of the big ending. This continued until I got tired. I hit next and moved on.

The Hit Replay The Hit Replay Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 9:55 PM Rating: 5

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  1. AWWWWWWWW You associated a guy with music that you couldn't stop playing. Every body knows that feeling. Keep on going girl! Just keep singing your heart with the right kind of lullaby ;)


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