Reasons Why Being a Creative Writer (Sometimes) Sucks

Published at Lasting On My Mind on July 2, 2014

            As much as you want to impress the world with your capabilities, sometimes all the hardships are lined up to snuggle up at your face. Here are some usual reasons why being a writer is sometimes disadvantageous.

1. When people think that all your "true stories" are "made up."
            -Now that you are writing an essay of Why Your Dog Ate Your Homework or a draft for your speech Why Justice is Better than Mercy, people just comment that it's a well-planned, well-thought of and another product of your imagination. Basically, they all think your non-fiction stories are a fake. Somehow, they are used to your creativity slash descriptive words slash high-vocabulary slash the usual stuff on your essay. Can't blame you, but you write really good. I suggest to keep "Exploding bombs" for your audience, so they would be always expecting the unpredictable.

2. Not getting well-supported {and getting proper feed backs}
            -Writing is nice, but if you're trying to build your audience, your first option isn't supposed to be because of it. Now you're complaining because no one is commenting at your post or liking and sharing it. Sometimes, you feel like an idiot who tries so hard. Rather than stumbling in woes, you'd want to write because you love to write. Right? The audience will come flock to you soon. We hope.

3. Expectations that you're getting better in writing {because everyone's expecting that you'd grow as a writer}
            -HOW COME THEY LOVED YOUR PREVIOUS POST THAN YOUR LATEST ONE? HAVE YOU BEEN DRUNK WHILE YOU'RE TYPING YOUR ARTICLES? HOW COME YOU'RE LIKE THIS AND LIKE THAT? YOU WERE ONCE BETTER THAN TODAY. Not that you feel that you're preposterously yelled at, but the improper feedback of your latest blog "ain't so good." As much as you want to wow your audience, they've thrown a lot of expression of disappointments. Deal with it in the right way though, at least they've felt something about your post and that they've loved at least one of your post.

4. Writer's Block
            -Ahh, the enemy has plotted its prey; perhaps today's your lucky day. Depending on the depth of your scenario: namely from a day you're supposed to pass your essay on your Literature course, or from that report on the internship you're having, or whatever, boy you've wished that The Writing Spirit possesses you: Drop by A.S.A.P., okay? but message failed to send (in a perfect streak of twenty)

5. Rejected Entries
            -Nobody loves the feeling of rejection, but rejection chooses you and ONLY you. You submitted your file for the magazine you were always obsessed into getting published, but sadly when you grabbed the next issue and saw the new writers (or commenters) being published and revealed, your name isn't in it. Was it the ink? Was it their spacing, the layout, the jam? Nope. It's because they have standards that you weren't aware of. That there are people who are also coming across their applications and hoping to get picked as much as you did, and believe me, there are a lot.

            In life, there are a lot more reasons why being a writer sometimes sucks, but I want to share why it's worth keeping your title real. Always remember that your best audience slash supporter slash reader is no other than yourself. Always remember that you've accomplished and grow a lot as a writer in ways that words cannot describe. Plus, there are some people out there wishing that they are as good as you; Some wish that they could even write. You have that gift in you as a writer, and your responsibility is to harness and hone it well.

            Expose yourself with more reading and writing materials, surely you'll gain a lot of knowledge and transform into another person you've never even thought of becoming. (No, you're not the dog that ate your owner's homework, but you can write about it in 500-word essay in his perspective.)
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