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There is a thin line between living and functioning. In this busy era that we have today where people have their priorities in mind and stumble into pressure as they physically and mentally engage into risks and situations to gain their happiness. Of course, in life, we seek the great perhaps...our love, our happiness, our potentials, and ourselves. We venture in ourselves in any kind of situation.

At times, people ask me "What makes you happy?" A gullible reply I say, "it's the little things." Such us being greeted good morning by my loved ones, a cup of hot chocolate any time of the day, hello from strangers, having their seat offered for me, having my room cleaned, the 5:45p.m. or 6:35 a.m. sun, learning new things, glowing skin, bossa nova music, a chill place to stay, a date with a cute guy, six foot men, Harry Potter look-a-likes, a well-kept promise, new book smell, a new furniture at my room, lavender or vanilla perfume, a citrusy soap, sniffing a bouquet of roses I bought for myself,  a functioning ball pen, good reviews, a comment from this blog, and more. These simple things uplift my mood and can turn my day really well. However, I also hope for receiving great things as well such as grand gestures, free VIP Passes, a dream date with an amazing person, a simple birthday treat from a restaurant, a massive day of pampering and massaging, unlimited shopping, receiving flowers and gifts from a line of suitors, winning a competition, winning a raffle, being awarded as Dean's Lister, celebrating a new charity event, helping and inspiring someone, and lastly making a difference. These things that make me happy cannot actually always come my way. Sometimes, they come and go.

Most of the time, I am happy by the things I work hard for; such as acing my quizzes and major exams, collecting my favorite set of books from the stash I saved, painting my room in a different color, learning from the great fall, etc. These efforts cheer me up. I see to it everyday that there's something bright coming my way the way I look at the good side in every person. But I keep in mind that I cannot always depend my happiness to others.

Being happy entails no definite word and feeling. That's the way it is. People succumb to this life goal they have in mind, sometimes even temporarily for the sake of experience. Lately, I have learned that happiness can be attained by having a lasting peace. Without it, everything is just momentarily, and you go back to the old state that you have--whether you are nervous, frightened, depressed, angry, envious, provocative, etc. The mere fact that we all desire happiness is that we should learn how to control our thoughts. By having our mindset shifted to optimism at each task we have, most likely we will reap the greater good. Yet, being pessimistic such as seeing the negative extreme of the schemes we have can be effective too, only if we realize that we still want what we desire and focus on how to get there, how to maximize what we have to get there as soon as possible.

Everybody likes to be happy, even at the most impossible situations. If such things happen to me, I keep my head above water no matter what and fulfill my plans and work hard for my ambitions in life. I want to see the best in life by first making the best offer I can produce. On one hand, doing your best does not guarantee you in winning at the end of the race, but it only gives you the minimum effects of having regrets. Things that you didn't do, stuffs that you were supposed to do, expecting things that are supposed to happen. Don't frustrate on these thoughts! Instead, think about acceptance whether you will be winning or losing, accepting the results at the end of every encounter is one mature move that generates to the key to your inner peace.
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